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Letters to the editor March 18

Candidate pulls the plug a little early on project

In the March 10 Nevada Appeal, John McKenna, candidate for Board of Supervisors, Ward 3, was quoted as saying, “The (proposed) downtown Nugget project is just another example of a failed attempt” by Carson City to find an identity.

Would you please explain to the voters how a project that is still in the talking phase can already have “failed?”

Oscar W. Ford

Carson City

Declare martial law, and watch chaos ensue

The following opinion will not make me to popular with the gold brickers and do-no-gooder people in our fine city. If we are truly bankrupt, President Obama should declare a state of emergency and declare martial law.

First thing to do would be to disband all entitlements. How can we pay for them if we are broke? Use the military for all state clerical and social programs. After all, we cannot pay for their services if we are broke. Use the Army Corps of Engineers to take care of the roads, sewer and trash pickup. All state-run offices such as Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Weights and Measures, the EPA, OSHA and Department of Transportation could all be run by the military, and probably with better public relations than we have now.

We need to close the prison and relocate the inmates. Just the elimination of electrical service would save us $150,000 a month, natural gas maybe $100,000 a month, sewage who knows what, food and housing probably around $50,000-plus a month.

As far as police, fire and paramedics, we will probably need to hire a bunch more because if we would implement all this, there would be a lot more fighting, killing, thievery and they would be very busy trying to uphold the law and perform life safety issues.

Craig Lewis

Carson City

Another vote to reconsider Yucca waste dump project

Wow, I can’t believe it. Six letters to the editor in Sunday’s paper, March 7, and I agreed with them all. Now I know that I’m not in the minority out here.

Letter number one was regarding the Yucca waste site. At this point, with the recession in full swing, one hopes that the emotion can be taken away from this issue and a true calculated decision can be made revealing the real benefits this state could have if the repository were to be operational.

For starters, how about a steady, uninterrupted cash flow into this state for the long term future and jobs. Storage along with fuel rod recycling would broaden the business base, support high-tech business and demand high-paying jobs.

This idea doesn’t look so bad nowadays. Let’s truly reconsider our thought on this matter. The time is right.

Mike Zola

Carson City

Gibbons squanders millions with one veto

When Gov. Jim Gibbons recently vetoed Senate Bill 3, he cost the state of Nevada millions of dollars per year that cannot be recovered.

The officers of the Department of Corrections came up with a plan that would have saved those millions by volunteering to work seven 12-hour shifts, a total of 84 hours per pay period, at straight pay, thus reducing the payroll of the department statewide by about 70 positions.

This is allowed under a police/fire exemption of the federal Fair Labor and Standards Act, but is not legal under current state law. SB 3 would have changed that law.

Though we didn’t like it, officers would also have taken a 4.75 percent pay cut under SB 3, saving more. That would have made up for the fact that corrections officers are exempt from the state furlough plan, because there are few positions in a prison that can safely be closed.

These savings are no longer possible, and cannot be remedied by executive order. Remember to thank Gibbons for squandering millions of scarce taxpayer dollars, and ignoring the ideas of his employees that would have saved the state money.

Edward Neidert

Carson City