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Letters to the editor March 2

Put money back into the government

I’m in agreement with Glen Bush’s letter to the editor of Feb. 19. I’ve given this some thought, and I still feel that Gov. Sandoval’s way of a pay increase refusal is handling it wrong. To ask state workers to do the same is also wrong. Any way you look at it this is a donation of one’s money. Or am I confused?

Now, granted, done this way, it would be a tax writeoff, but done the way he asks, it doesn’t satisfy the meaning of a refusal. Yes, I agree the charities could use the donations, but I want to call ducks ducks and get them in a row.

Instead, ask me. I feel the money should, in some manner, be put back into the government they came from. In this manner, the money could more readily enter into a system that sorely needs them.

Eldon Fulwood

Mound House

Ban cell phones, texting while driving now

On Feb. 21 I visited the Nevada Legislature, basically to hear the information offered for Senate Bill 140 and 145. I was unable to stay for the whole hearing, but most information given the senators was positive for the bill.

There was one thing that was never offered, and it was the effect the younger folks will have as they reach the age they are permitted

to drive.

If you walk through any mall or store, you will see young people age 5-15 with a cell phone or a game program being used. In most cases, they are walking down the aisle with both thumbs going and their head down, never looking where they are going.

When they start driving – and with the cell phone habit already build in – do you think they won’t continue to use these cell phones to call and text?

This is another reason SB 140 and 145 must be passed now.

Bill Beil

Carson City

Love is proven each and every day

Valentine’s Day is not only for the young, but for the young at heart. (It’s) a day of remembrance for men of when their brides were young and beautiful and (she) entrusted to his care her beating heart filled with exuberance of youth. Her expectations (were) that you would handle it with care, all its heart strings of feeling, hope, wants and dreams.

In times of a depressed economy, with all its bad fallouts, the strength and the will to carry on is challenged. Some men fall to pieces when bad things happen, then it’s left to the women to carry on. In days of stress and uncertain future, women can and do show a willingness to stay the course and make the best of it, given a reason to do so.

If she knows by the actions shown by her husband that she is needed, appreciated and loved, her giving heart will beat strong to care for the one who loves her.

When Valentine’s Day comes around, a single rose from the husband with the words, “I love you for who you are and the happiness you bring me,” and a simple, “I know,” from the wife will say it all, because love isn’t made up of words. It is all the little things you do for each other every day that proves it.

James McMullen

Carson City

Get rid of Sen. Reid, keep the legal brothels

Harry Reid wants to get rid of the legal brothels in Nevada. I have a better idea, let’s keep the brothels and get rid of Harry Reid.

Frank D. Millslagle

Carson City