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Letters to the editor March 21

Nuns do not represent views of all Catholics

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. On the front page of today’s paper (March 18) there is an AP article regarding the health care bill. The first paragraph states that there is support coming from “Catholic nuns representing dozens of religious orders” behind the bill.

In fact, there are 48 nuns that support the bill and they do not speak for the church. I urge you to Google Cardinal George, chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, from Chicago. He wrote a wonderful piece regarding the health care bill and the stand that our bishops are taking. It is they who speak for our church.

There is more than one side to a story and it breaks my heart to have renegade nuns acting as if they speak for the church.

Mary Jo Brummer

Carson City

Waiting in vain for response from Reid

Senator Reid, why do you ignore us? Why do you not respond when we try to contact you? Why are you ignoring the majority of Nevadans who are opposed to universal health care? Aren’t you supposed to be working for the people of Nevada? If you are, then dump the bill and start over now.

It seems to me that your own agenda is clouding your performance as a representative of the people of Nevada as well as the rest of America. Our tax dollars are far too important to be spent on such a small percentage of the people who will not work, do not want to work or are here illegally. You want to cripple Medicare in favor of Medicaid – when those on Medicare have contributed to the system for many years of their lives – and give it to those who have contributed nothing to the system.

I have personally e-mailed you many times with concerns over this wasteful piece of legislation only to receive the same form letter in return every time. Don’t the people of Nevada at least deserve a response either personally or in the form of a press announcement of why you are trying to ram this down our throats? If you do not feel that we do, then maybe you should resign your position and let someone who cares about Nevadans take your job.

I think this administration has spent more than enough of taxpayers’ money on earmarks, pork and special interests, don’t you?

Richard Battaglia

Virginia City

Better to keep Congress frittering their time

In the comics section of the Appeal, in the cartoon, “The Born Loser,” Brutus and Gladys are discussing pending legislation to control the volume on TV commercials to make it the same level as TV programs.

Since I was first exposed to TV some 59 years ago, I have never seen a TV set that didn’t have a volume control on it. It seems to me that this bunch with their taxpayer-funded six-figure salaries and unlimited expense allowances could find something better to do with taxpayers’ time.

But on second thought, although it’s a terrible waste of taxpayers’ money, and until we throw these born losers out of office in November, I would rather see them working on legislation such as TV commercial volume, renaming post office branches and other such vital life-and-death issues, than monstrosities like health care or insurance reform or cap and trade or amnesty for criminal trespassers, and the list goes on.

Rich McNeal

Indian Hills

Good Christians, denounce the secular world

In response to Mac Thomas, you said I offended you. I hope through the offense, you’ll understand the seriousness of the condition the church is in today.

Clergy refuse to say secular things are sin for a Christian to be involved in. Instead, they’re tolerant of all kinds of things that God’s word still calls sin. In 1 John 2:15-16, it tells us not to love this world or the things in it. That covers secular music, movies that feature the occult or filthy language and blasphemy against God’s name – which should eliminate 99.9 percent of all movies and secular music, as well as TV.

God will not tolerate sin in a Christian’s life. Church, wake up and see these secular things for what they really are. Denounce them, repent, and turn to the Lord Jesus with all your heart.

Demand that your pastors preach the gospel from real Bibles, not worthless paraphrases.

Rosalee Barnwell Hinton

Carson City

Let’s blame the illegals

for everything

When looking for the source of our nation’s problems, I seek out the most powerful and influential groups to lay blame. In these tough times of crumbling infrastructure, massive bank bonuses, unlimited corporate campaign spending, unjust wars, and foreign oil addiction, the clear culprit for our woes are illegal immigrants.

Illegals are the ruin of this country. With wily illegal magic, they’re able to coerce our leaders into engaging in expensive, violent adventures on the other side of the world. Illegals influenced the Supreme Court to give free speech rights to corporations. Because of illegals, banks are powerless to stop paying bonuses to themselves. Health insurance companies are compelled by illegals to spend millions on lobbying efforts to fight health care reform. Impotent foreign-owned mining firms cannot pay a higher tax on our world-class minerals, blocked by the illegals. Illegals force our leaders to instead place the tax burden upon the middle-class.

I’m being facetious to illustrate a point. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. But honestly, illegal immigrants have zero power to affect policy. Our elected leaders are the ones with that responsibility.

Our leaders bleed us for banks, sell us to under-taxed mining companies, fight unjust wars. Before we throw hate at poor people, let’s take a look at who’s responsibility it is to lead and see where they’ve led us.

Robert Gonzalez

Carson City