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Letters to the editor March 24

State should pocket legislators’ paychecks

I know how to save the state some money. Cancel the Legislature for the next three years and cut off their pay – they can easily live off the kickbacks they get from lobbyists. Almost all the laws they pass are just to keep the government running.

Since we pay for the governor’s housing, meals and travel, his pay should be cut off. This would be good for him because with no income, he would not have to pay Dawn alimony. She might have to pay him alimony.

Rob Cobb

Carson City

2 Reids and an Ensign don’t make a right

I heard on the news today that Nevada is the most economically distressed state in the Union. What does this day about our senators?

Sen. Reid is so busy giving sweet deals to other states that he is is selling Nevada for nothing. Sen. Ensign is busy defending his moral and ethical indiscretions. Nevada has no representation in the Senate.

Now we have Rory Reid wanting to be the governor. It’s time that Nevadans elect someone who is as interested in the state of Nevada as they are in their own political ambitions.

Olive Miller


Time to return our country to the people

We are born naked, wet and hungry, then things get worse. That is what this writer feels about what is going on in our nation’s capital and even here in our state capital. We have progressives who are leading this nation and state down the drain, and they expect you and me to pay for it. When the primaries come around in June, vote for your choice of Democrat or Republican – just make sure they don’t have “Incumbent” behind their name.

The progressives want bigger government and total control over our lives. The current arrogant ego-driven president, House speaker and Senate majority leader in Washington prove that point. Our leaders here in Nevada got their wings clipped by budget reality in a special session of the Legislature. When they come back next year, maybe “We the People” will have brought in people in November with positive thoughts on how to run the state and country.   

We need candidates who have common sense. If they are running for office, they must have answers. Beware of false candidates – that is, someone thrown in to throw the election to the other side. Harry Reid is in a desperate election and in my opinion, he would do that. Return our country to the people.

 Bill Pyatt