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Letters to the editor March 26

Take cell phones out

of hands of drivers

In my opinion, our government should be able to pass a law to save lives by taking cell phones out of the hands of people who are driving. Make it much like our seat belt and helmet laws.

David Terhorst

Carson City

Quality communities don’t need $80 million projects

Knowledge and Discovery Center equals new unnecessary $30 million library. We already have such facilities. They are known as our schools and colleges. The other piece is affordable access to high-speed broadband Internet which we sorely lack.

Digital Media Lab equals whatever you want it to mean. Some think Carson is destined to become the next Pixar or Microsoft, and produce the next George Lucas, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg. Such entrepreneurs did their development in their bedrooms, dorm rooms, garages and basements, not in a downtown storefront. I doubt the lab would have the necessary tools, equipment and Red Bull available 24/7 anyway.

Business Incubator equals an enclosure with a heat source in which little business eggs are placed until hatched. In reality, businesses grow just fine on their own in quality communities. Quality communities are defined by their schools, neighborhoods and governments. High achievement schools, effective and fair law and code enforcement and quality recreational opportunities are seeds. Lack of bureaucratic burdens and corruption are the sunshine. Carson might try improving its trails and neighborhoods for starters.

City Center Project equals an $80 million bailout for the Nugget casino in the form of a taxpayer funded parking structure and not much else.

In one word, the project equals nuts.

Richard Schneider

Carson City

Hof: Signs not distasteful, belong to NDOT

In response to Charles Sheldon’s “Time to outlaw prostitution,” we wanted to take exception to his mention of two blue and pink signs that the Bunny Ranch put up on Highway 50 in Mound House that should be removed.

For your readers’ edification, these blue and pink signs are Nevada Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway signs, where we are proud supporters, and of which hundreds exist all across the great state of Nevada. Mr. Sheldon should be aware these signs are sponsored not by the brothel, but by The BunnyRanch Business Park, which is a separate entity.

The BunnyRanch Business Park is on schedule to be an economic benefit to Mound House and Lyon County, especially in these distinctly tough economic times, and we categorically reject Mr. Sheldon’s view of these signs being distasteful and a distraction.

If anything, these signs speak volumes on our commitment to keep our highways clean and give back to our community.

Dennis Hof

Owner, BunnyRanch Business Park

Governments need to stop nickeling-and-diming

I went to the DMV Office to register my new motorcycle, which proved to be a financial rip-off. The registration fees I knew would be a little high as it was a new vehicle, but the tack-on fees were ridiculous.

Registration fee, government services tax – these were expected. Canceling the registration on my old motorcycle, transferring the plate to the new motorcycle, I was charged a plate transfer fee of $6 plus a motorcycle safety fee of $6. Transferring the plate should have been a credit because I saved the state the expense of making and issuing a new plate.

Motorcycle safety fee was a wonderment to me. The last time I took a motorcycle safety course, I paid $50 for that privilege. I don’t know why the state charges this fee as they can’t even put up a sign that motorcycles can use High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, a fact that many motorists are unaware of.

Then I was told by the clerk that if I had turned in my plate, I would have been charged a disposal fee of $1 – fee charged for the clerk to toss the old plate in a box for recycling, a scam that rips off the public. I don’t mind paying my fair share of the tax burden, but isn’t it about time the state and local governments do the same, and quit nickeling-and-diming the public?

Gino Venaglia