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Letters to the editor March 28

Gibbons, Ensign:

Time to get serious

So, now it’s official. Nevada happily makes itself the laughing-stock of the country.

Gibbons and Ensign have already humiliated themselves and all Nevadans with their messy and possibly criminal actions. Now, Gibbons and the current crop of GOP candidates want to seize on the tea-party idiocy, thinking that somehow confronting the most powerful man in the United States Senate with a couple of busloads of anti-American misanthropes is a good idea. Well, go for it. We can all use a laugh these days.

We also could use some adequate leadership. When we desperately need serious leaders, and instead are stuck with elected officials who show contempt for their marriages, their offices, their constituents and the Constitution, it’s pretty bad.

When we have officials who will not lead, who follow a dangerously obsolete party line, it’s even worse. When we have national headlines about a financially strapped Jim Gibbons pandering to the lunatic fringe by offering a $250 ride to a tea party in Searchlight, it’s just pathetic.

Nevada has had its share of colorful politicos. Unfortunately, we live in a time when we can’t afford these clowns. Let’s get serious about our own interests for a change.

Leigh McGuire


Sheriff’s candidate right man for Carson City

I recently attended a Monday night meeting hosted by Bob Guimont who is running for Carson City Sheriff. Let me start off by saying what an inspirational message he is sending. His compassion for improving our city is unparalleled.

As a mother of four small children, I believe that a leader such as Bob would be in the best interest of our community as a whole. I believe that in this day and age, we cannot afford to have a community run by gangs and drugs. Bob Guimont’s new approach to dealing with such problems is zero tolerance. It is my opinion that he can rid Carson City of these gangs, drug users and other violent offenders.

For anybody who is interested in attending a meeting held by Bob Guimont, they are held at 6:30 a.m. every Monday at Harley-Davidson. Isn’t our children’s future worth an hour of your time, to hear how Bob Guimont can change our wonderful community and improve the lives of those who live here?

Heather Stagliano

Carson City

Direct health insurance complaints to Washington

Since our government has taken over health care, I have come to the conclusion that if I ever have a problem with my health insurance company regarding payment for a medical procedure or the raising of premiums, I will no longer contact the company. For problems I have in those areas, I will direct my complaints or concerns to a member of Congress who should intercede on my behalf. As a resident of Nevada, I will direct those problems to Sen. Harry Reid.

I recommend all people, registered voters or not, do the same. In so doing, it will probably save the insurance companies considerable time and money. At the same time, since our government has no concern over the money they’re spending, this will be just another way to waste taxpayer funds.

This suggestion is not mine. I heard it on a talk show program, and I believe it to be an excellent suggestion.

John Devenish

Carson City

Medicare flaws hurt elderly, fragile

Why does the health care plan punish the doctors and patients, particularly the elderly and most fragile?

Primary-care doctors are expected to diagnose, which sometimes requires sending patients for tests or to specialists. Why would the doctor, who gains the least financially, request tests unless necessary for diagnosis?

We have paid into Medicare all or most of our working lives, and doctors who must pay Medicare for the privilege of billing Medicare wonder why we’ll be subjected to more expenses and less care.

Why are we being denied Medicare, which often occurs, and at a much higher rate than denials by insurance companies? Many of us have become aware just how Medicare uses their procedures to deny payments on valid claims. Also, the Medicare system doesn’t allow appeals to such denials.

Have you heard of any insurance company going out of business because of billions of dollars paid on fraudulent claims? No, because only Medicare pays on fraudulent claims. Why not look into Medicare as to why they’re paying on what they know are fraudulent claims? The problems are inside Medicare.

We in the trenches are left defenseless against those who are paid to fix the system they know is flawed, but since they are not part of the same system, why would they care?

Donna Simpson

Carson City