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Letters to the Editor, March 29

Obama, Reid cause rising gas prices

Do you enjoy filling up, to get to work, at $4 a gallon due to the green agenda of Obama and Harry Reid?

Evidently so, as the Appeal reported last week Carson City residents aren’t gasping over the price yet. Funny, I’ve noticed quite a bit of disgust voiced at the pumps lately, and you’ll never guess at who.

Yesterday, the president flew from Washington, D.C. to Ohio, and back, for a basketball game. Is he not concerned with his carbon footprint? Just imagine the cost – hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent for jet fuel and security details. Was this some of the vital and necessary spending that we keep borrowing money from China for?

Leadership by example – what a joke!

Reed Henrichsen

Carson City

Open bathrooms atthe Riverview Park

This is a letter to the City of Carson. Can someone please explain to me why the bathrooms remain locked at the Riverview Park at the east end of Fifth Street?

Every time I go there with my mom to walk the river, we see so many people there enjoying the park with both bathrooms locked shut, the drinking fountains turned off and a reeking outhouse available for use. Really?

Hello, it’s spring – warm, sunny and beautiful outside. This is a very popular public park where people come every day with their dogs to enjoy. Why are the facilities of this beautiful park on lockdown? Where do my city taxes go?

Please open these bathrooms and turn on the water fountain or shave a little money off of my taxes. You can’t have it both ways.

Robin Christy

Carson City

Gov. Sandoval goesback on his word

From Chuck Muth, Nevada political analyst, March 14: “(Governor Sandoval made) permanent some $620 million worth of temporary tax hikes passed in 2009 that were supposed to expire on June 30, 2011 … only to be jacked up again on July 1, 2011, by the governor and Legislature.”

Governor Sandoval ran on a pledge to oppose tax increases. On that basis, he defeated an excellent sitting governor and allowed Harry Reid to name his replacement to the federal bench.

Sandoval’s sanctimonious claim that he was funding education is a bit rich, given that his new appointee to state superintendent of schools, James Guthrie, has said, “America’s schools have always been well funded, despite the claims of school funding advocates who persistently assert that the nation shortchanges its students.”

As Jim Wheeler, candidate for Assembly District 39, has pointed out, Sandoval told us the tax hikes were needed to pay for possible lawsuits, but there were no lawsuits. Now Sandoval has changed his story. In a state that’s tops in unemployment, bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures, tax hikes have a chain-reaction negative impact on the economy.

Sandoval betrayed what he claimed were his core beliefs. How can we ever trust him again?

Lynn Muzzy