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Letters to the editor March 3

Deserving the name?

In response to Midge Breeden’s letter “We should all become peacemakers,” I suggest we should start by looking at NOW, National Organization of Women, and study their record of who they come to the defense of and who they ignore.

Specifically, I remember Carrie Prejean voicing her opinion on gay marriage and then being subjected to repeated violent rhetoric and NOW was completely silent to defend her opinion. I e-mailed them and asked why, and received no response. Shortly after, that my e-mail was hijacked – coincidence? Do we want all violent rhetoric to stop or just the ones that fit our agenda?

Furthermore, how do these supposed organizations get away with only protecting someone when it agrees with their agenda? We need to wake up and investigate these organizations that have been hijacked by groups contrary to their title and then hiding under it to push their opinion including Planned Parenthood. Maybe they deserve the name feminazi since they can’t tolerate any opinion other than their own.

Rick Troolines

Carson City

Unemployment is too high for workers to complain

I was reading a letter from Bo Johansson about (how we should) start making cuts at the top of the food chain, regarding state workers. He couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any more.

All these people do is cry and complain about their salaries. I’m sure there are a lot of unnecessary jobs that could be cut. There are too many department heads. I would think there are people working there just to pour a cup of coffee. Quit complaining about not receiving a cost of living raise when there are so many people out of work.

Granted, some of these people think unemployment is a career, and don’t even bother looking for a job, (but) next time you complain about not receiving a cost of living increase, look at the people holding up signs saying, “Need money, desperate, out of work.”

Vince Moriarty


Don’t cut much-needed property tax rebate

The governor wants to eliminate property tax rebates to low-income senior citizens. I, too, use the rebate to pay one of the installments on my property taxes, which just keep going up, and we haven’t gotten a break yet, even though my house would sell for half the price that I could have gotten for it before this terrible recession.

If I cannot get help, I could have a lien on my home for the property taxes, and then I would lose my home after being here 20 years. It could not sell because homes are not selling in Dayton. I am a widow – first my husband and now my home. Where do I go from here?

Did the governor ever consider how bad we need this rebate? If I let my house go, there will be no taxes paid whatsoever, and no revenue going to the state. Is this not a form of tax increase?

The people elected him on a pledge of no new taxes. Already it’s starting, and probably will continue. I’m sure if you canvassed the low-income senior citizens, some will walk away from their homes. Even with the 5 percent limit on the amount of taxes we pay each year, it has nothing to do with the assessments of the property’s value which rises.

Hey, governor, are you going back on your word? Already?

Please, if you are financially strapped, write into the letters to the editor or to the governor himself.

Joanne Ryan


Carson resident proud

of community’s support

Who chooses your political cartoons? I was very offended by Feb. 17’s, and feel that type of mocking is unproductive and negative. How about replacing political cartoons with something uplifting, motivating and supportive?

On another note, I am very proud of our community for stepping up and helping Brenda Boni. Now, that’s a positive message we can benefit from. Thank you, Carson City.

Jo Kilpatrick

Carson City

System wasn’t designed to operate like it does today

Two letters today touched on the realities faced by those of us in the private sector, specifically those who are the producers in our economy.

We do not need more taxes. What we need are more taxpayers. For myself, I began paying into Social Security in March 1940, so I am hurting now, what with the gross excesses of government and the ever-increasing feather-bedding of public payrolls including the outlandish benefits, retirement, medical care, etc., brought about by the public unions that suck all the prosperity from that produced by the dwindling private sector.

This is not the way our system was designed to operate. I do not include law enforcement or firefighters in the public sector drag-down on the producers. We need them. We do not need the bloated public sector, specifically the


Vernon Latshaw


Gov. Sandoval step up

and be a leader

The working people are out in force in the state of Wisconsin protesting their governor’s stand on taking away the right to collective bargaining using the budget to break the unions. In other words, perpetuating class warfare.

Any man or woman who wants to learn more of what is going on in Madison, Wisc., and also in Ohio, tune into MSNBC television during the day and listen to Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnel, the voices of the progressive movement, for justice and equity in the workplace. Nevada is a right-to-work state and it could spread to all the states of the union as well.

Seems as though class warfare has caught fire – right vs. left, Republican vs. Democrat. What or where did it all start?

I’m not sure, but he did turn the sick out of his state hospitals, people who were saddled with autism, dementia. I do remember some who did stand up for the common citizen. Most of you do not remember John L. Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers, who were dying of black lung disease. We need more heroes like him today. Few corporate leaders could oppose him and finally the miners got protection.

By the way, Mr. Sandoval, what are you doing for the citizens of Nevada concerning the runaway gas prices affecting all of us citizens? Are you afraid of the oil companies or don’t you give a hoot? Silence on your part is deafening. Be a leader, please.

William DeGraw

Carson City

Center plan should have greater vision for future

My concern with the current proposal (for the City Center Project) is that what started out to be a great vision for a true statement of what Carson City is and for making a fabulous town center for a small town, has now turned into a scaled-down, piece-mealed and chopped-up


We all know that it has to be phased in over time. With housing at a standstill and commercial about the same, that won’t happen for a number of years. Also the fact that the state isn’t ready to participate has made it more difficult, but we should not give up on an overall plan with a greater vision for the future.

It would make more sense to have the Knowledge and Discovery Center/Library overlooking the Capitol Mall next to City Hall where they could later be connected and share the multipurpose rooms, house the board of supervisors chambers and planning department, etc. This would free up space for the parks department at the recreation center.

Musser Street is more pedestrian friendly for the front of the library. The office/commercial/ housing elements should face Stewart Street and create a buffer for the residential to the east.

The plaza could then be in the center with all the surrounding facilities over looking it with the performance stage facing northwest toward the Nugget and the Laxalt Building to mitigate the sound issues. As it appears now, the plaza space is less than what the current farmers market uses in the summer.

Craig Mullet

Carson City

Brothels are positives

for local economy

After listening to Sen. Harry Reid address the legislators, I am again reminded why I did not vote for him.

Poor Harry doesn’t seem to understand that legal brothels, which even precede Harry Reid in age, pay their taxes, purchase homes, shop in local grocery stores, pharmacies, beauty salons, nail salons, clothing stores; visit doctors, accountants, service stations, car washes, car dealers, restaurants, golf courses, etc., are paying state and local sales tax on each of their purchases, which in turn employ many other local citizens (who then also make purchases described above and pay sales tax, property tax and income tax) and they don’t seem to be concerned with how their customers earn their legal income.

Poor Harry, I guess, seems to think it would be better if we had illegal prostitution, not monitored by age, or any medical facilities, for the safety of their clients, who could work downtown in our Northern Nevada cities, as they do in downtown Las Vegas, indiscriminately stopping people walking on the streets, handing out contact information, or using public bathrooms, poorly lighted areas, or vehicles in any neighborhood instead of being in an area removed from young people.

Poor Harry doesn’t seem to think that a gang-free environment, drug-free environment, or crime-free environment would be more incentive to entice new business to Nevada rather than singling out a small segment of legal tax-paying brothel owners, all of whom are consumers contributing to the local economies.

Brian D. Alexander

Carson City

‘Yes Virginia’ gets

2011 remake

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus. The Carson Freeway will open – at the same time the Ormsby House reopens, and the radical extremists express their love for Israel.

Charlie M. Case

Carson City

Center discussion should have included taxpayers

I went before the Board of Supervisors on Feb. 17 to speak against the City Center Project, even though I was told that most board members had already made up their minds to support it.

The meeting was held at 2 p.m. on a weekday, so working taxpayers who will pay for the project were pretty much excluded from any discussions.

Interestingly, proponents of the project were city-staffers, friends/board members of the library, construction union members, and Associated General Contractors.

Among those speaking against the project were several highly qualified professionals with backgrounds in construction, engineering, project management/development and project evaluation.

It was pointed out that few people use the library anymore, except for Internet access, due to the technology that pretty much makes libraries obsolete. Further, it was pointed out that the existing library is perfectly adequate now, given the present economy. More importantly it was pointed out that, without taxpayer money, no developer will touch this project.

No rocket science is required here. The American people have clearly stated that they require government to cut spending and to reduce taxes. This means all governments.

If free-market capitalists see that they can make a buck building casinos, parking lots, media centers, hotels, office buildings, etc., they will invest here. Government has no business getting involved.

Disregarding obvious project problems, the board promptly approved the next phase of this boondoggle.

Wake up folks, the V&T railroad is about to arrive in downtown Carson.

Ronald Orbas

Carson City

Eliminating brothels will eliminate needed revenue

Let’s get real for a minute. Fed money is being taking away from the state, in turn the state is taking money away from the local government. Who benefits from the brothels? (The answer is) local government, folks – between business licenses, work card fees, room tax, tourism, and property tax, secured and unsecured, that’s who (benefits).

Harry Reid wants to take away local revenue. You take that away, the local governments have to look elsewhere for that revenue, because someone has to pay for that loss. With the re-districting issue at the table, that means 15 counties of the 17 in Nevada are looking at less representation in the Legislature.

Bear in mind that Reid won with Washoe, Clark and Mineral counties and out of those three, two ban brothels. With mining reductions – Canadian-backed – companies with otherwise solvent revenues within Nevada, banning brothels just enhances the public safety (problems) within Washoe and Clark counties. They can’t handle it as it is. How dare Harry Reid attack the same campaign backing he won on.

Sarah Jensen

Virginia City

What happened to looking after one another?

I would like to thank the person who parked next to my blue Toyota RAV 4 on the morning of Feb. 24 at the Topsy Lane Walmart. Whoever you are, your vehicle is white. I know this because I have a big dent on my driver-side door along with your white paint.

I realize it was a windy day and you may have been in a hurry to do your very important business, but I just want to say thank you for at least not leaving me a note or getting someone from Walmart for assistance. I did contact Walmart security, and am awaiting security camera footage.

What happened to common courtesy and the manners our ancestors taught us? What happened to Carson City, all the friendly and honest ladies and gentlemen who filled our neighborhood in the past?

I miss the good old days when we said greetings to each other and looked after one another.

Ron Bodnar


Cell phone use and driving don’t mix

Drinking and driving don’t mix. Likewise, cell phone use and driving don’t mix either. There are currently at least four to five bills working their way through the legislative process in regards to cell phone use and driving. All are critically important.

I could write a rather long essay about why I am in support of these bills. But why? The bottom line is there is simply no logical reason why cell phone use should be allowed – talking or texting.

It is my understanding that these bills are currently awaiting their fate at the Senate Transportation Committee. At some point, they likely will also show up at the Assembly Transportation Committee before moving on to the House and Senate proper.

If you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, then I would highly recommend contacting your own representatives as well as the two committees aforementioned. The

e-mail addresses are: for the Senate Transportation Committee, senateEIT@lcb.state.nv.us and for the Assembly Transportation Committee, assmtrans@lcb.state


In addition, you can call 684-6800 or 684-6789 to state your opinion in support of any of these bills that all legislators will receive. Don’t know anyone yet who has been injured or killed as a result of another driver using a cell phone? I do. And I don’t want you or anyone else to be next.

Doug Odell