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Letters to the editor March 3

Whatever happened to voter-approved rec center?

Thank you Mrs. Adams for giving a long-term gift of a lifetime to Carson City. Also, I compliment the supervisors for looking at creative ways to enhance Carson City, specifically the downtown project.

My questions concern old projects and current economics. The old project is the community gym/-

recreation center. This project was approved by the voters and paid for by a sales tax increase. To date, we are told, construction has not started because the voter-approved funding is a little short. Increasing taxes to start new projects that are not voter-approved, while not finishing projects that are voter-approved and funded, requires at least an explanation.

To my way of thinking, integrity calls for at least voter approval to place the downtown project’s new funding in front of the previously voter-approved project unless, of course, there are plainly articulated reasons for disregarding the voter’s mandate.

I want the recreation center before I want a new library. I think it is also clear that the community thinks that way also. They voted to fund the recreation center – Question 18 – and after that, they voted not to build a library. If the downtown project cannot can wait until the people of Carson City have a chance to reconsider their directive to the supervisors please explain why.

If I read the news coverage correctly Mrs. Adams’ gift to Carson City is a long-term gift and will be available whether the downtown project is started in November or in May.

John McKenna

Carson City

Inmate gets surgery while elderly struggle

The political debate on health care in Washington, the economic mess here in Nevada, the closing of the prison here in Carson City – where has the money gone?

As an example, I had cataract surgery awhile back which cost $9,000 for both eyes. Lying next to me was an inmate from the prison chained to the bed getting the same surgery with a guard hovering over him. Next stop was possibly a dentist to get his teeth cleaned.

I couldn’t help but think of so many people working a minimum-wage job needing this with no insurance whatsoever, or older people trying to live on Social Security and possibly a small pension who need this surgery.

Donald Beachler


Frustrated reader wants the whole story

Irony comes to mind every now and again when I read stories in your paper. I wonder if you plan stories to come out a certain way or if it just happens they come out the way they do.

What I’m writing about is the “Obama visits Nevada, boosts Reid” story from Feb. 20. When I read this story, it reminded me of all the shortcomings with our current government administration and how they leave the public with more questions rather than answers.

One thing I’d like to see in the future is a complete story from the Nevada Appeal, because I know I won’t get the whole story from our government. I am tired of reading stories in your paper and having their content be short on information.

You are an editor. Making sure grammar, punctuation and having a complete story is your job. For the sake of all the readers, please be sure to complete your job as an editor.

James Jewell

Carson City