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Letters to the editor, March 31

Carlson, Koch hit nail on the head

Wow, two excellent commentaries in two days. First Ursula Carlson’s on the City Center Project. She has put forth enough facts on why we, the voters, need not vote on this project. Our duly elected officials have already weighed the facts and made the decision we have elected them to.

It is unrealistic to expect the average voter to take the time and make the effort to study all aspects of this project to make an educated decision on it. The average voter does not do it when they vote for our elected officials so why should we expect that they will do it on as issue as complex as this one.

Second, congratulations to Dr. Sandra Koch on her letter on birth control. Her letter is so on the money that I hope she will send it to our congressmen. In fact I think she should testify before Congress. She has put the whole subject into perspective.

My only additional comment would be that those who oppose contraception and birth control put their money where their mouths are and offer to pay to feed, cloth, educate and provide health care for all the unplanned children not wanted by their birth parents so that the rest of us do not have to do so.

George Gosselin

Carson City

Welcome Aaron Lewis back into community

Now that Aaron Lewis has been found not guilty, as I knew he would be, of the trumped-up charges of abuse brought by some low-life druggies with sick, evil, vindictive hearts, I wonder how many of you who were so anxious to crucify him just because he was a member of a law enforcement organization will have what it takes to come forward and publicly apologize to this fine member of our community and his family who have been dragged through the hell of this ordeal.

The only real crime in this whole disgusting ordeal is the damage that has been done to Aaron’s reputation and the pain his family has unjustly suffered.

If Carson City’s citizens do not welcome Aaron back into our community I will never again feel the same pride I have always had for this town.

Al Rogers

Carson City