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Letters to the editor March 5

If brothels are banned, what would happen to workers?

There are several aspects to consideration of any subject involving addictions of any description: social issues, psychological, financial, spiritual, historical, humanitarian, etc.

Prostitution, like gambling, drug and nicotine addiction, is the means of establishing, via taxes and rule of law, a required set of rules, via inspection and sworn agreement to, by those willing to become business owners and be cognizant of the element not mentioned in legal requirements.

All addictions involve the physical and emotional incapacity for the addictee to resist the addiction unless given some sort of program of withdrawal.

The fact that thousands of years of women having been subjected to being concubines, long before they ever were given the right to vote, explains why there will never be a time when sexual promiscuity does not prevail. Making prostitution illegal does nothing to stop it, anymore than prohibition stopped alcoholism or marijuana smoking.

If there is one subject never taught in our schools, which might be well-taught by ex-addicts of any sort, it is to learn about the addictive habit and understand its physical, psychological and financial implications.

If prostitution becomes illegal, what financial and institutional instruction will be provided to the unemployed women who are no longer able to provide for their own dependents – children, parents, grandparents?

These are the subjects I would like to hear debated, not some drivel about anybody’s soul being saved or taxes being lost. Just the day-in, day-out true facts of life. Keep it simple.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

School should have been canceled

Shame on you, Carson School District for not canceling school on Feb. 18. In the face of a bad winter storm and a forecast of more snow, you went ahead and held class.

As a parent of a daughter in your school system, I feel you risked my child’s safety and the safety of others unnecessarily.

Douglas County and even Reno were closed with less snow, and you sent our kids to school. Who’s calling the shots down there? Please, next time, look out the window and get a clue.

Mike Johnson

Carson City