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Letters to the editor, March 7

Most – not all – abiding by leash rules

There was such an awful stink about leashes in the Fuji Park, however most people abide by the rules, except for those people who throw balls for their dogs with those throwing devices.

Does that exempt them from throwing their balls in the part of the park that allows their dogs to be off the leash? Or are these people just entitled?

I don’t like going in the leash-free part because I don’t want other dogs running up to mine, because they aren’t always friendly.

I just thought I would bring this to someone’s attention.

Kati Shafer

Indian Hills

Are “Smart Meters”hack-proof?

I have a question for NV Energy and the Public Utilities Commission. What happens when some twit from lower Slobovia hacks their new “Smart Meter” system and erases or changes the readings? How will they arrive at a fair and accurate bill for that time period?

And with all the breaches of major institutions and even government systems, don’t tell me their system is unhackable.

Elaine Cowan

Carson City

Photo of Boy Scout was amazing

Your front page picture of Gabriel Fairbanks re-seeding native grasses at the burn area in Washoe Valley is the absolute best photo of the year.

One picture is worth 1,000 words as to why we live in Northern Nevada.

Good job, Pack 150!

Nancy Wittman