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Letters to the editor March

Do union leaders have

too much power?

It is difficult to negotiate an honest labor agreement when one side has the power to ruin the negotiator. It is painful for a negotiator to powerfully make his point if he is being attacked in the media. Yet, this is what elected officials must contend with when they negotiate union contracts.

Before the election, the union leaders will interrogate candidates, record the answers and support the candidates they like.

During negotiations, the union leaders will remind the elected officials of the support in manpower, money and endorsements they extended. They can threaten to besmirch the negotiators in news events, memos to members or with rumors.

It is legal and correct for unions to concern themselves with labor laws and in labor negotiations. Doctors are concerned with medical matters. Builders scrutinize construction codes. Lawyers like, well, laws.

The purpose of this letter is to promote discourse. How can we balance a genuine concern for the worker with a possible abuse of power? Should a small but powerful group threaten elected officials? Can the will of the majority of voters be subjugated to public servants? When the citizens of the state are in distress, are the government workers exempt?

Frank Z. Paluch

Carson City

Leaders need to perform jobs as promised

We are living in perilous times, along with the economy taking a spiraling plunge deeper into the pit of no return. Greed, ignorance and arrogance have played a major role in our economic failure.

To all government leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike. Quit playing kick the can with the lives of the American people. You need to stop behaving like manipulated puppets, and perform the jobs you promised as elected leaders. Remember, you’re being paid by the people. That cut in pay you took was a joke when one considers your annual pay is six figures. One doesn’t need a degree to figure out how to balance the budget.

Penalize employers who hire illegals. Get rid of all the special programs that you opened to illegals. Your first priority should be American people. Therefore, Mr. Reid, your Dream Act needs to be tossed. Why is it you feel the Hispanics should receive special privileges?

Social Security hasn’t received a cost-of-living increase in two years, yet you’re more concerned in the dreams of the illegals. Shame on you.

Schools need to quit being so wasteful, and teachers don’t need any more money than a waitress. All are servants of some sort.

To all government and state employees, please stop your whining. Bow down and thank God you still have a job. A cut in pay is better than no work. No need to make cuts in Medicare or programs.

Do your job and go home to your families.

Elaine Shields

Carson City