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Letters to the Editor May 13

Fox may be guarding the hen house

On April 28 I received an e-mail, which stated “the former top lobbyist for the nation’s second largest subprime mortgage lender, New Century Financial Corp., was Joe Waltuch. The current status of New Century Financial Corp. is bankruptcy and under SEC criminal investigation for securities and accounting violations.”

After researching New Century online, (I found) “SEC sues 3 former officers of Irvine subprime lender New Century Financial.”

I called the Nevada Department of Business and Industry Mortgage Lending Division. After listening to a recording, I was connected to a humanoid. I asked her if Joe Waltuch was a commissioner. I was told he is the commissioner for the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending.

Gov. Jim Gibbons appoints all commissioners in the state of Nevada. Why would a reasonably prudent person, Jim Gibbons, who wants the best for every Nevadan, appoint a person to be the commissioner of the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending who was the top lobbyist for a company and three officers that were in legal hot water?

Why was a carpetbagger from Washington appointed commissioner? Is it true Joe Waltuch is making six figures a year as commissioner? Was Gibbons texting and said yes to Joe’s appointment?

Kenneth P. Beaton

Carson City

Can you pick and choose laws to obey?

I wonder if Arizona’s new law, if rescinded by the courts, would spur the federal government into enforcing the laws concerning illegal immigration.

I find it hard to believe that laws given to the federal government are sometimes enforced and sometimes not. If you aren’t going to enforce all of the laws as written, could you tell me which ones you are not going to enforce?

Being a truck driver in Southern California has its drawbacks with all of the illegals with counterfeit driver’s licenses taking away jobs that should be for citizens.

As I am underemployed at the time, I was considering a part-time life of crime to supplement my income. If you could let me know which laws you are not enforcing in May and also contact the local police not to interfere with my illegal activities, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a few of your departments, like the crime division, don’t seem to be available to give out information. Is that sort of like your bogus freedom of information? Just wondering.

Thank you very much for being available. (Sent) with tongue in cheek.

My son in Southern California sent this to the Department of Justice – so far no reply.

Donald Beachler


Careless driver almost caused tragedy

To the person who almost hit me head-on Saturday, April 17 at 95A and Spruce Avenue. By the grace of God, the lives of my family, the other car’s family and whoever was with you were saved. I don’t expect you to respond to this, since you were too cowardly to stick around.

I want you to know the impact of your actions: I am now without a car. I am disabled with an autistic child. We no longer have a vehicle to get us to our appointments or even to the store. We wore seatbelts, yet that did not keep us from being shaken and bounced off the windows. My son has nightmares. He hit his head hard. My body took a beating and I’m in constant pain.

I want you to thank your God for sparing all our lives. I am praying to my God that you, and others, make smarter choices when you drive.

Stacey Taylor

Silver Springs