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Letters to the editor, May 17

Promote physical fitness in schools

Nevada is the 39th most obese state in the country, with 34.2 percent of its children between age 10-17 considered obese.

In order to combat this growing health problem, one would think that good habits should be thought early; perhaps in school. Although our local schools like Carson High School do require physical education credits, it is not enough.

Students at CHS need only two physical education credits in order to graduate. To obtain these credits students can take a basic physical education or weights class, participate in a sport, or take musical theater, a class dedicated to the performing arts, not physical fitness.

If a student opts to take more than the required amount of credits, he is viewed as a cop out or, ironically, “lazy.” Moreover, those students who wish to stay competitive in school are often unable as well as discouraged 3/4 by counselors and parents alike 3/4 from taking physical fitness classes.

It is an unfortunate truth that schools not only locally, but across the country put too little emphasis on teaching children habits that will increase the longevity and health of our nation. In a nation where 1 out of 3 children are obese, it is time to take a stand and promote physical fitness in schools.

Hannah Fasiang

Carson City