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Letters to the editor May 19

Show appreciation for state workers by

I am a Nevada state employee and have been for 23 years. I signed a contract in 1989 to be honored by the state of Nevada. This contract included promised pay raises, paid benefits and longevity pay after five years of service.

Now, because all of us state employees took the initiative to apply for a job with the state so we could ensure we had some stability for our future and retirement, we are being punished because apparently it is our fault that the state is broke.

I can remember when it was a privilege to say you worked for the state. My late husband also worked for the state. We were proud of our jobs.

I’m aware something needs to be done to balance the budget, but it doesn’t need to be done by dumping on the employees that make this state function.

I would like to express my admiration for Steven Horsford for the statements he made regarding state employees. I was disappointed that none of the other legislators had the courage to stick up for us. A couple of legislators have worked closely with state agencies and employees, regarding Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Services. They know how hard-working and dedicated these people are, and yet they voted to strip us of more. Shame on you.

If you truly want to show your appreciation, reinstate our original contracts of employment. Oh, tracking furloughs every other month is really going to make tracking easier. Huh?

Sue Lamon

Carson City

Help control the cat population in Carson

I went to PetSmart in Carson City to give a little time to the cats they have in there – just to play with them, talk to them and touch them. I try to go in once a week, but last time I was in there, there was a cat that looked so scared, I had to go back the next day just to talk to her and try to comfort her a little.

I don’t have a lot of money since I don’t work and I take care of my mother who is 88, but my time doesn’t cost anything.

I ran into Susan Paul who takes care of the cats, which so many others have forgotten. She was telling me they have more than 78 kittens right now due to cats that have not been spayed or neutered.

I see cats when I am out driving or walking that I know have no homes. If you see them out there, call SPCA to come so they can get these cats help. If we work with her, we can stop this over-population of unwanted cats.

She needs volunteers and she needs donations. I know times are hard for many, but we can all give something. It’s good for the soul to help others who can’t help themselves.

Many people have just looked the other way and said, “It’s not my problem.” But, guess what? These animals didn’t ask to be dumped or ignored. It is our problem.

Rhonda Glisson

Carson City