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Letters to the Editor May 19

Get tough with Mexico on border control

It is time for the government of our country to take the gloves off dealing with Mexico.

We are the greatest country in the world, and the most stupid, allowing a corrupt country to infiltrate our country with drugs, crime and illegal immigration.

The Mexican government is happy with the current situation. It’s to their advantage financially, and rids them of criminal-type citizens, not all.

The government of Mexico cannot control the criminal element in their country, probably due to the fact of under-the-table payoffs to people in government from drug lords.

Mexico is a corrupt country. Stop trying to appease the government of Mexico and take whatever action necessary, military or otherwise, to protect our borders.

Melvin A. Moore


Too many unknowns in Nugget project

Is this the appropriate time for the Nugget project? In July, we are going to have a 30 percent hike in our water bill to pay for the regional pipeline between Carson City and Minden, and a 14 percent hike in our sewer bill.

When the Legislature meets in 2011, it is expecting another huge deficit, meaning there will be more cuts to services and possibly tax increases.

Our city government also is experiencing a decline in revenue, and had to cut services, etc., and perhaps we will see the same next year.

Our other expenses – utilities, food costs, etc., continue to rise.

We have many empty buildings throughout the city, a high unemployment rate and are in the midst of a deep recession.

This sounds like a doomsday forecast, but it is reality. This is an ostentatious project with too many ifs and unknowns. The biggest unknown is funding, and the unknown number of jobs it will create. $40 million is a lot of money for resident taxpayers to pay for this very iffy project.

If an established, successful, proven business was coming here with jobs to offer, it would be far more beneficial to the city than all the unknowns associated with this project.

I think it should be put on the ballot for taxpayers to vote on instead of a handful of people making such a costly decision for so many.

Carol Riley

Carson City

For safety’s sake, always carry identification

I felt terrible that a mentally disabled man was left wandering the streets and no one helped him. It is sad, but true, that people just don’t want to get involved. Fortunately, he was OK.

My sister managed several care homes for physically and/or mentally handicapped children and adults. She anticipated this problem of wandering off or getting lost, and all of them wore ID bracelets. She decided against Medic Alert because it was too expensive, and finally found the right company. They were stainless steel, but attractive, and didn’t look medical.

It is amazing how many physically and mentally normal children and adults go out without any identification. Many joggers carry no ID. Children playing on the streets often have none. Suppose there is an accident and they can’t talk?

When my daughter was on the track team in high school, she would often run on the road between two towns. After many arguments, I finally got her to carry my business card.

Laurie O’Bryne

Jacks Valley