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Letters to the editor May 26

Silver State’s teachers, students deserve support

I would like to echo a comment made by Steve Silva at Monday’s Silver State High School governing board meeting. The issues in question relate to management and administration, not to the wonderful students, staff and faculty at the school.

SSHS utilizes a blended format, which means it uses the Internet to deliver curriculum, but it also has a campus with dynamic and engaging learning activities. Being able to think and operate out of the box means that field trips to hear candidates, restore watersheds, or discover hidden forensics secrets in the new CSI class are happening all the time.

Unlike other online schools, opportunities to combine social and intellectual interests with developing passions are everywhere. From theater arts to talent shows, from chess to journalism, from technology in the community to core academics on the campus, SSHS is a robust school with a vital student body and a supportive and highly educated


SSHS is a superb institution in so many ways and serves a thoroughly necessary service in our community. The students, staff and faculty deserve a salute for the school they have built over the last six years and deserve the continued support of the community and the state.

I urge this newspaper to formally take a stand in support of this school and for our many supporters in the community to speak up on behalf of the school and let the Nevada State Board of Education know how you feel.

David Papke

SSHS instructor

Sheriffs associations stand behind Guimont

This goes out to the anonymous man who was attempting to get cops into trouble. This man approached the reserve deputy’s booth at the carnival over this last weekend and was demanding they tell him who they supported for sheriff.

This man also approached a full-time deputy asking the same thing. When he got nowhere with the reserves, he told them they passed the test, as he unzipped his jacket and displayed a Bob White for Sheriff shirt. I have to ask, what test was this, a test to see if you could get cops into trouble for answering your question?

Mr. White, you should publicly denounce this man’s behavior, you know who he is; this man also was seen getting in and out of your truck. This tactic is despicable and should not be tolerated. I would hope this man has the decency to apologize for his outlandish attempts at trying to solicit trouble for deputies.

I will now answer this man’s question publicly. The Carson City Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Carson City Sheriffs Supervisors Association, the Washoe County Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Washoe County Sheriff Supervisors Association, the Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers Association and the Peace Officer Research Association of Nevada have all endorsed Bob Guimont for sheriff of Carson City.

To the anonymous man who gave it his best to get cops into trouble, I hope I have answered your question.

Don Gibson

CCDSA President