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Letters to the editor May 5

Writer has another idea on how to lower gas prices

This letter is in response to a letter from Charles Knapp published on April 24 suggesting that buying small amounts of gas each day or two rather than filling up will reduce the volume of gas sold and force prices down.

That idea circulates almost every time the oil companies decide to gouge us on the prices. Unfortunately, the volume of gas sold over time is still the same and the idea will not work.

Here is an idea that actually has potential. As I drive down Carson Street every day, I see gas at Arco being sold for about 25-30 cents a gallon less than at other bigger name stations. I see just as many cars and trucks at the higher-priced stations as I see at Arco. Arco is diagonally across the intersection from one of the higher-priced stations.

My opinion is that those of you who continue to purchase from the bigger names perpetuate the increases because you continue to buy from them rather than go across the street and save 30 cents a gallon, essentially telling them that the price they charge is OK.

If everyone boycotted the higher-priced stations and went across the street to the lower-priced stations, I believe that the higher-priced stations and companies would be forced to lower their prices in order to compete and sell their inventory.

The idea would require a widespread implementation rather than just in one city. So, spread the word.

Phil Paten

Carson City

Why are we tearing down historical structures?

About this time last year, after a long day at work, I sat in one of the first meetings of the committee overseeing the (City Center) Project where Mayor Bob Crowell spoke about his wishes about what should be done.

One of the things he expressed was for preservation of the few historic structures left on that area. There’s only one left out of what was once an entire district at one time before the Nugget turned it all into parking lots, but we get the point.

Now, the only building of historical significance left in the entire area is being torched to make way for a public-private partnership that the public never asked for.

Bob, either practice what you preach, or don’t preach at all.

Sam Flakus


Paslov’s commentary

a breath of fresh air

Dr. Paslov’s clear-headed and humanitarian commentary of April 30 sweeps through our region like a breath of fresh and pure air. It is a needed antidote to such phenomena as the arrogant ravings of such political wannabes as Sharron Angle.

Her unenlightened dissembling of facts attracts unenlightened followers who, should they ever fall prey to enactment of her espoused policies, would be like ants who’ve had hot water poured on their hill.

Try to wake up, good people; study such right thinkers as Dr. Paslov, and learn how you can be helpful in our hurting society rather than increasing the pain.

Stephen Vance

Carson City