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Letters to the Editor May 8

Progressives’ destructive ways started long ago

Recently under the “Datebook” section of the paper, it stated: Japan took control of Korea. How did that happen? Joseph C. Goulden in his book, “Korea, the Untold Story of the War,” tells us how.

“Teddy Roosevelt, president, told the Japanese he would give them Korea if they (the Japanese) would make peace with Russia. This was in 1905. At the same time, Roosevelt told Syngman Rhee he would protect Korea as an independent nation – North and South.”

Roosevelt also made statements he would make the presidency what he wished. He did so and ripped our Constitution apart.

Thanks, progressives. Your day will soon be in the past, I hope. Then we will get back to our founding documents.

Tony Klein


Our moribund state is headed for the bottom

As I have lived in other states and watched progression throughout my life, I have never seen anything like Nevada. This state is in real bad shape, I think we all can agree on that. But what separates Nevada from the others states I’ve lived in is the fact that this state seems to be content at being at the bottom.

Nevada is not really doing anything to improve on things. The people here think it is OK to let everything run down. It is the old-school thinking that keeps Nevada down. I talk to people all the time, and they are regurgitating ideals that you heard back in Nixon’s day. It’s like these Nevadans don’t want to leave the days of Archie Bunker.

Knowing everything we know in this day and age, why are Nevadans so stuck on policies from the ’70s?

It is truly sad to see such a beautiful state continue down a path of sadness and sorrow. This state is not going to grow and prosper any time soon. The rest of the nation may grow and prosper, but all I can see in Nevada’s future is more loss and more sadness.

Greg Bierman

Carson City

Small business owner grateful for health reform

As a sole proprietor and small business owner in Lyon County, I am grateful to Sen. Harry Reid’s tenacity and leadership in playing a major role in finally getting a health reform package passed into law. This is major victory to not just small business owners, such as myself, but also to families, seniors, young people and workers.

All Nevadans will now be secure in the knowledge that finally there will be no risk in losing the American dream due to illness or accident. This legislation is a major victory over the well-funded special interests and insurance lobbyists who have fought for decades to keep families and businesses from controlling their own health care.

Finally, health insurance companies will be held accountable for their actions. They will no longer be able to hike up premiums, deny care when it is most needed, or deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

All who have health insurance will still be able to continue with their health insurance. As a small business owner, I will now be able to afford health insurance for my employees through significant tax cuts.

Many seniors have been given false information and have been fearful that health reform would put their Medicare benefits at risk. This is a fallacy. AARP supported this law because it will benefit seniors by reducing drug costs by closing the doughnut hole and providing rebates for drugs not yet covered under Medicare, plus seniors will be provided free preventative care.

Dina Porter


Buy Chinese, and it’s bye-bye, America

Ladies and gentlemen of our once-great country, do you really want another eight years of Republicans? I don’t. Haven’t you had enough of them yet, or do you want to continue this second Great Depression?

I very much have the memory of serving our country back in 1942 until 1946 in the Air Force with 50 missions over in Europe. I think that our grand and glorious people in Washington have sold us out to China and Japan, by going out and buying all Japanese cars, so some of us have been forced to buy Chinese stuff that is not very good.

I have only bought American cars because I worked for 39 years in a Michigan steel mill that finally went bankrupt. Thanks a lot, folks.

Somehow I survived, somehow. I only hope that we all make it, but if they get back in, it’s goodbye, America.

Robert E. Brandt

Carson City