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Letters to the editor, May 9

Remember how much moms do

Mother’s Day is a day for the husband to acknowledge who is the most important woman in his world, and then treat her as such. No one will ever do so much for his welfare and happiness as the mother of his children. Her love and sacrifices, she gives without reservation.

In a liberal society, greed, crime, drugs and permissiveness dominate. Traditional values are treated as being obsolete. The traditional values that define mothers, which she endeavors to pass onto her children, are respect for the law, brotherly love, responsibility for one’s own actions, putting no faith in idle gossip, and caring for the less fortunate. These type of teachings and her belief in the message of Christmas and Easter give purpose and meaning to life.

Love between the husband and the mother of his children should be show and tell, praise, compliments, appreciation and understanding, holding her affectionately and telling her she makes his life beautiful.

True love between husband and the mother of his children needs to be expressed whenever and wherever they are together. Whenever the mother might feel uneasy or troubled, just the simple gesture by the husband reaching to take her hand and hold it reinforces her feeling that the one she loves, who loves and cares for her, is only a heartbeat away.

Sacrifice can overcome many obstacles for love except neglect, which is indifference to the other’s happiness and love.

Hoping all mothers have a husband whose heart beats for her happiness.

James McMullen

Carson City

Supervisors should focus on vacant buildings

In response to Supervisor Karen Abowd’s remark in the May 4 paper, and I quote, “It concerns me that when the freeway comes all the way through here, were going to have nothing but a strip mall downtown.”

If that concerns you so much, my question is, why hasn’t the Board of Supervisors done anything to put Vacancy (signs) in all the buildings downtown that have been sitting vacant for more than five years?

Out-of-town guests that come in for soccer, volleyball and college softball tournaments, bringing in millions of dollars to Northern Nevada, are bypassing Carson City. They are bypassing Carson City because there is nothing to do here, and not enough franchise restaurants for them to eat here.

The out-of-towners don’t drive hundreds of miles to come to Carson City to read a book. The out-of-town guests are reading their Kindles for hours on their drive here.

My advice to the Board of Supervisors is to please address our vacant buildings downtown. Our vacant buildings downtown are the major problem.

So please address this as vehemently and aggressively as you are addressing the Nugget Bailout Project.

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City