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Letters to the Editor May 9

Give dog owners an inch, they’ll want whole park

A dog owner writes in, wanting a section, “if not all of the park,” devoted to off-leash dogs. If not all? Typical. So many dog lovers have this sort of gall. Their dogs come first and to heck with everyone else. To heck with parents who want to use Fuji Park without fear their children will be knocked down by dogs or of stepping in dog feces.

April Pedersen


Water plan doesn’t spread burden fairly

Douglas County is proposing to consolidate eight enterprise funds that provide water services. That consolidation is for purely economic reasons – to make more people pay for the county’s mismanagement of the funds over the years.

Enterprise funds, according to Nevada law, are required to be self-sufficient – receive from their customers sufficient money to operate and maintain the system and services for which the fund was created.

Over the years, Douglas County has not done that. For at least six of the funds the county has failed to collect sufficient revenue to maintain and operate the systems providing water meeting quality standards and adequate fire flow.

The proposed consolidation will not interconnect the water systems to provide better quality, better management or increased fire protection. The consolidation will, according to the county, “Share the risk, and broaden the revenue base.”

Six of the eight funds will pay less for their water while two – the larger customer base – will see substantial cost increases of 70 percent or more. It’s like your neighbor requiring you pay to fix his well with you receiving nothing but the bill.

The plan is premature. There are other alternatives to research besides the consolidation which the county has failed to examine: special assessments, Enterprise Fund bonds, stimulus funds, etc.

This consolidation places and unfair and inequitable burden on those who will receive no benefit.

Stuart L. Posselt