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Letters to the editor Nov. 11

Plenty for kids to do,

if they just look around

In answer to Ms. Woolery’s letter in the Nov. 9 Nevada Appeal about the lack of things to do in Carson City for young people: First of all, the rich like Mr. Baer do things with their riches to create more riches. It would be nice if they spread it around perhaps to create joy for the young … however it isn’t necessary, as there are bountiful things for the young to do in the vicinity – and what’s wrong with bowling?

I began it when I was 8 years old and continued for 50 years and became quite good at it, both locally and nationally.

The children of Carson City are surrounded with things to do.

They can look in the paper daily and find enjoyable things to occupy themselves here: the Boys & Girls Club, the Children’s Museum, several parks and walking areas around the Carson River. The churches have many activities for children of all ages.

Children today have much more than I had when I was young, but I still found things to do which helped me grow into adulthood with some ease.

Lastly, if the young people need something worthwhile to do, go to the Senior Citizens Center and volunteer to aid a senior in everyday things that they need help to do. You will find that a very worthwhile thing to do. Doggone it, just get out of bed and go out and look around.

Lee Smith

Carson City

Don’t fall for baseless propaganda; check facts

If you do nothing else in the next few days, please bookmark www.

factcheck.org and then use it when you hear crazy stories coming from KOH and other political pundits.

Before the election celebration confetti has even had time to be swept away, they’re at it again with a bogus story about President Obama’s trip to India costing $200 million a day, and how there are 34 U.S. warships being deployed in support, blah, blah, blah. All of it is unsubstantiated fiction.

But I’ll bet you a little detail like that won’t stop the bloviators of the airways and Internet from continuing to repeat it.

Why? Because they’re too lazy to check out stories they hope are true, they feel no guilt about being completely dishonest if it achieves their goals, and their goal is to defeat the president by keeping American voters misinformed, confused and angry.

Don’t let the liars from either side of the political spectrum make fools of us. Listen to KUNR for both sides. Check out http://www.factcheck

.org and http://www.mediamatters.org to find out the truth of a story. Stand up for yourself and be informed.

Vicki Bates