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Letters to the editor Nov. 13

Facts show Merchant Marines got short shrift

I am responding to Mr. Roland Peachee’s letter regarding his disagreement with my dad’s letter referring to the Merchant Marines.

Mr. Peachee, my dad was not off base, but you, sir, were badly misinformed. One statement you made is true. After much discussion, the Merchant Marines were given veteran status. The rest of your statements are bogus. A few stats:

• Casualties – deaths – ratio for Merchant Marines was one in 25. Army was one in 48, Marines was one in 34, Navy was one in 114, Coast Guard was one in 421.

• Annual wages – Seaman 1st class was $1,886, Mariner was $1,897.

• Benefits – Permanent disability value for Merchant Seaman was $6,290. Partial disability for Navy, cash value was $11,500.

On your computer, type in Merchant Marines vs. Navy wages WWII for more detailed information. Also, check out http://www.usmm

.org/strugglevetstatus.html for unbelievable information and history of the U.S. Merchant Marines.

Since Reid has been re-elected, the pending bill will remain in his desk drawer gathering more dust. He is not a friend of the military as he proclaims – he is a politician looking out for Reid.

I’m appreciative of my dad’s service to our country. This government gave the U.S. Merchant Marines the royal shaft. I’m signing off, as if my dad were writing this letter. God bless and thank you, Roland, for your service to America and her people.

William Lepore, Jr.


Veterans Day a time for remembrance, not shopping

Veterans Day is a day to remember all of the fallen of all the wars in which America has fought. It is not a day for shopping or taking advantage of discounts offered by those who have not served.

I, for one, could not in good conscience take advantage of Veterans Day deals just because I survived. I will instead spend the day in remembrance and prayer for the real heroes that cannot be with us today. God bless them all.

Doug Jernigan

Carson City