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Letters to the editor Nov. 14

State should ban dogs on drivers’ laps, too

First, thanks for the paper on Tuesday. I always enjoy reading the paper.

I read in the paper that the state Assembly and police might pass laws about people on their phones, putting on makeup, also eating. Also, I see these people with two to three dogs around their steering wheel, also hanging out of the driver-side window, which to me is very dangerous.

I am the school crossing guard for Empire School at Pheasant and Fairview, and have been there for 20 years.

George Horton

Carson City

Campaign process was just nasty tactics

This election showed me how the campaign process has been reduced to mud-slinging and hate messages instead of focusing on the important issues. The TV ads were despicable and hateful, impugning the intelligence, integrity and character of the candidates on both sides. This was not centered in one campaign, but nationwide.

The cost of campaigning is obscene. Why do you have to spend millions of dollars for a job that gets you nothing but ridicule, damned if you do and damned if you don’t, and a relatively lower fixed income salary compared to the cost to get elected? If you win is the power you perceive to acquire worth living in a fish bowl, having a flock of news cameras tracking your every move, invading your and your family’s privacy and disrespecting your prestige and stature as an elected official, and it does not matter which office?

I heard a talk given by a Christian Science lecturer Mr. Ron Ballard, of Ashland, Ore. In all the campaigns he worked on, the candidate won. He ran clean campaigns, focused on the issues and not fighting back against opponents by slinging mud.

Also stop the predictive-dial phone calls. All they do is aggravate the electorate. Especially those who have either absentee- or early-voted. Get and use the lists for those who have not voted. The same for mailings.

Edward Goldberg


Give incentives to keep jobs in U.S.

(I have) a comment on American corporations which outsource jobs to foreign countries to line their own pockets while U.S. citizens are desperately searching for work.

Why couldn’t Congress enact a law that might be a common sense solution? American corporations which keep their businesses in the U.S. and hire Americans should get a substantial tax break.

Those who outsource jobs to foreign countries should have to pay a tax increase, the proceeds of which would be put into a fund that pays unemployment benefits to out-of-work Americans.

Our elected officials should put U.S. citizens first for a change.

Ann Cameron

Carson City

What did GOP for Reid get out of it?

On what policies did the Republicans for Reid, those elite guardians of free-market, small-government principles, find accommodation with Harry Reid? Socialized medicine, trillion-dollar borrowing and spending, the tax and regulation war on private enterprise or amnesty for illegal aliens?

Or did they really find Angle so extreme? Unlike Reid, she never betrayed American soldiers in battle, never bribed anyone, and never used her office to enrich herself. Unlike Reid’s political allies, she isn’t a rapist, a homicidal drunk, a KKK recruiter, a plagiarist, and she never cheated on a spouse dying from cancer.

The RFRs must have gotten something pretty juicy from Reid for selling out their honor and integrity.

Lynn Muzzy