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Letters to the editor Nov. 17

Visitors feel pride in seeing Old Glory

Every time we come down the hill toward the Eagle Valley via Highway 50 and Spooner Summit, we see the American flag flying from an outcropping of rocks. It is truly a sight to behold, and most people receive great joy in seeing it wave.

Do you know who or what club might be involved in the flag being there? We would like give our thanks for these flags and future flags.

We are proud of America and all that it can be.

John and Barbara Bohach


Paslov shows himself to be liberal elitist

I would point out to Dr. Paslov that the vast majority of people who voted for change in this election were primarily from Main Street, not Wall Street. And I would further point out that to suggest those voters are ignorant just defines him as another liberal elitist.

Thomas H. Grayson

Carson City

Paslov misreads the outcome of election

Dr. Eugene T. Paslov states in his Nov. 13 commentary that “the election was not a referendum on President Obama’s policies. The election was about telling our elected officials … to work together … “

Most of the big-ticket items on Obama’s agenda have been passed into law without Republican support. In fact, Republicans have been steadfast against that agenda – the party of no.

What rational person would conclude that the historic shift to Republicans was because of voters’ desire to send a message to Republicans to work together.

Walter Bickett

Carson City