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Letters to the editor Nov. 18

Carson High marching band music was a treat

I just want to say thank you to the Carson High School marching band for the music at all the home games and Nevada Day Parade. It was very nice of them, and the music they played was the best.

Kevin Marcella

Carson City

Supervisors acting without approval of citizens

Regarding the article in the Nov. 14 Nevada Appeal which states that the supervisors will be asked to approve a request to the federal government for $2.1 million for “infrastructure improvements at the proposed City Center Project.”

According to an article on Nov. 12, the Nugget project has gone from the original $80 million to $87 million – a $7 million increase before it is even off the drawing board. And why is the city looking for $2.1 million for a project that has not even been approved? Or are the supervisors treating this as a fait accompli – without a vote of the citizens, the taxpayers who will be on the hook for whatever the final costs may be.

The voters rejected a sales tax increase for that railroad and they got the V&T and a tax increase anyway. Now it looks as though we are in for more government by decree of the politicians.

If the sales tax goes up again for another pet project which will benefit only one special interest, any shopping I do, beyond regular groceries, will be done in Douglas county.

Elaine Cowan

Carson City

Reserve front page

for our local JROTC

We were disappointed to see an out-of-town JROTC on the front page of our local paper Nov. 12 when our local Carson High JROTC and Color Guard were marching in the same parade.

Mrs. Michael Anderson

Carson City

Reality of ‘no new taxes’ starting to sink in

Imagine my surprise when I picked up the Nov. 16 Nevada Appeal. It read like an entitlement paper. I learned that word from the Fox Network.

On page A6 I see commentary signed by seven seniors: “Carson Senior Center must improve food and facilities.” They want good food made from “scratch instead of frozen food and micro-waved.” They’ve had to cut back on their coffee – only allowed one free cup, after that they have to pay 50 cents a cup. Their bingo machine doesn’t work. The senior centers are partly funded by state and local governments using tax dollars. 

On the same page, a letter to the editor: Railroad museum should be preserved. The letter writers are asking state legislators to look for money to keep this museum open. This museum is partly funded by the state using tax dollars.

On page 9, the article “Activists sought for Nevada State Legislative session,” states we need people to help support the reasons for the state to provide tax money for the public programs (otherwise known as entitlements – see Fox Network). These programs are looking for continued funding through tax dollars for senior programs: Meals on Wheels, public schools and health services. 

All of the above believe they are entitled and that tax dollars ought to support the continuance of what they want. 

Linda Adams