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Letters to the editor Nov. 19

Many jobs depend on mailed publications

With our economy being the

No. 1 concern to most people, I’m amazed at how many are complaining about unwanted mail and magazines they are receiving in their mailbox. Recently a news channel even reported on a company where you could go online to opt out of receiving magazines.

Don’t people realize how many jobs are being lost when you stop your mail and magazines from being delivered? There are all the postal employees, photographers, models, the businesses paying for the mailings, publishers, editors, etc. Just look in one of those magazines at the list of staff members employed because of those magazines. Some companies and banks will even give you a discount to do your business online so they don’t have any personal contact, which puts more people out of work. Lots of customers will take that discount, then still print the bill for their records.

Yeah, by opting out, you may be saving some trees, though the Forest Service has many that have to be cleared for fire protection. If you don’t want your mail or magazines, then throw them in the recycle bin but by not accepting them, you are putting a lot of people out of work.

Let’s do what we can to help folks find a job even if it is as simple as taking in unwanted mail and recycling it. Seems this way we do more good than harm. Don’t complain about the bad economy then do nothing to make it better.

Robert and Kathy Rhea

Carson City

Thanks to all who honored veterans last week

I want to thank the many Carson City businesses who offered free services, merchandise and meals on Veterans Day. I had a free breakfast at the Gold Dust West casino and a free haircut at Adam’s Barbershop.

The spirit of support and appreciation for our military veterans was nowhere to be found after the Vietnam war, but today’s positive attitude from local businesses and the Nevada Appeal article on Nov. 9 is greatly appreciated.

Our community spirit and pride makes Carson City a great place in which to live.

James Crowley

Captain USNR Retired

Carson City


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