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Letters to the editor Nov. 20

Cartoon on corruptocrats hit the nail on the head

The political cartoon is 100 percent right in the Nov. 16 paper.

The richest 1 percent stole from the middle class. They started war for profit. They started a recession, all with the GOP’s blessings.

James Stevenson

Carson City

Not-so-minor problems need addressing soon

I know that we in our once-great America are having major problems, but as citizens can’t do much about them.

But we have a lot of so-called minor problems, as well.

Number one is drunk drivers and dopers. Number two is the absolute stupid commercials that we all have to put up with, and as for me, when that happens, I will not buy the product, even if I might have wanted it – period.

Number three is the drivers with a cell phone stuck in their ear.

All states that allow that are losing lots of money by not fining them as they should be. The state could be reaping the benefits.

These are, just maybe, minor problems, but I really don’t think so. Nevada people in power, wake up instead of thinking about your paycheck.

And finally, I for one am very fed up with those who are supposed to be leading us.

How about all the rest of you?

Robert Brandt

Carson City