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Letters to the editor Nov. 21

Don’t let foreclosed houses fall into ruin

I am writing as a Carson City homeowner, concerned about the increasing number of home lots not being maintained. Daily we all drive past homes with dead or dying grass and trees.

These homes appear to be bank-owned, or undergoing short sales, or in some stage of foreclosure.

I am asking that Realtors or banks, or whomever is managing the home, take responsibility to maintain the lots until the homes are once again owned.

These unkempt homes are reducing value and negatively impact the neighborhood. Two beautiful homes near mine currently have dead grass and trees due to no care.

Losing mature trees and lawns is a travesty in our desert environment. We are all adversely affected by those who are not taking care of these lots.

I read that the city of San Diego is levying penalties to real estate companies or banks who do not maintain distressed homes. Maybe Carson City should consider doing the same.

I ask Realtors and banks to step up to the the plate and take care of your lots.

I believe it is your civic duty as members of our community. I ask fellow Carson City citizens to call Realtors who are advertising to sell a house but not taking care of it.

Carson City is a beautiful place to live and we owe it to one another to maintain our homes and neighborhoods.

Monique Giron

Carson City

Changing all the clocks takes too much time

Once again, we had to change the clocks – fall back, then spring forward. Why? To get another hour of sunshine in the morning or evening? I do not think so. Years ago, if you were lucky, you had a clock in the living room and an alarm clock in the bedroom. Now, fast forward to today’s times. TVs VCRs, ovens, microwaves and radios all have clocks – not to mention the free-standing clock. Oh, yes, all the cars and trucks have clocks, too.

What do the people in Arizona and Indiana know that we do not know? I think they have a lot of common sense.

Leroy Jorgenson

Carson City