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Letters to the editor Nov. 24

Turn prison into a museum

It looks like the maximum prison is closing. Why not make it a museum instead – lots of history there.

By the way, what happens to the license plate facility now?

Robert M. Shreve

Mound House

Dog owner hopeful leash rules will be enforced

I read your front page news about the dog park set to open. Thank God the people of Carson City have made Fuji Park safe for small dogs and children to go there. Big dogs running loose are a danger to small dogs and kids.

The last time I went to the park, it was during the 11 a.m.-to-2 p.m. leash law time. Nobody there was complying with it. I tried to walk my small dog around the side of the park to stay away from the lawbreakers, but it didn’t work.

A man on the east side of the park had three big dogs running loose. I was on the west side of the park 100 yards away from him, and out of his control comes one of his three dogs. My dog hid behind me, fearing for her life. I kicked his dog and he finally went back to his irresponsible owner, and we left.

I’m hoping you enforce this new law, because before, no one did.

Michael McMahon

Carson City