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Letters to the editor Nov. 24

GOP infested with religious hypocrites

I consider myself to be a classical conservative, one who believes in limited government, free markets, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and firmly believed that the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals, and the placement of the individual in our society above that of the collective wisdom of the government.

However, within the Nevada Republican Party, there are far too many religionists of the fundamentalist and evangelistic variety who hammer their breasts, exploit the Bible, revel in their alleged moral and religious superiority, and use their various cult-like sects of Christianity to brutalize and humiliate those who disagree with them.

And yet, willfully mindful of their own duplicity, when one of their own persuasion such as the self-righteous Sen. John Ensign violates each and every one of their own religious tenets, they become deaf and dumb, cowardly, and strangely silent. Too willing to preach, to condemn, and pass judgment on others, they collectively avert their eyes from reality when their false spiritualist of a politician betrays them.

Hypocrisy comes in all forms, but religious hypocrisy is the most vile, poisonous and despicable. It would appear that any cheap, conservative, religious pimp; poltroonish, book-burning, evangelical or fundamentalist preacher; pedophile priest; or a black-dressed white-collared deacon are more interested in what is in the collection plate than in the collection of souls.

Karl Neathammer

Carson City

Consider ice rink for downtown project

Great news to know that Dean Heller is willing to break rank with his fellow Republicans to vote to help out the needy in our town that are on unemployment benefits that are about to run out. I congratulate him for this bold move.

About our Carson City downtown project, does anyone think we need more office space available? Does anyone think we need more parking spaces available? Does anyone think we need a bigger library right now?

Why not build something with a popular skating rink in the center of the building? Then merchants would get more business, the young people of our city would have something delightful to do and Carson would grow because of it.

Let’s think outside the box and do something different for this great city.

Incidentally, even in Florida, year-round skating rinks are a great attraction.

Catherine Neely

Carson City