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Letters to the editor Nov. 26

All faiths have foundation in one creator

To: Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Pastors Dixie and Rob Jennings-Teats, Father Larry Schneider, Rajan Zed and Father Chuck Durante: I thank you all for bringing all members of the community together with the Interfaith Dinner.

I do not thank you when returning to your congregation and saying, we are the only right church and the other faiths are all wrong.

Now you all have one thing in common – you believe in a creator, as I do. It had to start somewhere, sometime with one.

Let’s get back to basics, starting here in Carson City.

Ray Davy

Carson City

Foreign aid programs draining our resources

Now President Obama wants to start withdrawing our military from Afghanistan in 2014 instead of 2011. Congress needs to wake up. We cannot be police for the whole world.

The blame for excessive spending and deficits should be placed where it belongs, squarely on the Congress which is more concerned about foreign aid programs than what is best for our own country.

We need to boost our own economy, and the best way is to cut down on our foreign aid programs. We should start by phasing out the military bases around the world and cut our military forces and bring them back home.

We need to bolster our economy rather than continuing to pour out foreign aid to these nations which should be able by now to take care of themselves. Bases in a foreign country should be provided by a host nation. They should be willing to pay to keep up the bare bones deployment for bases for us.

Chuck L. Sheldon


Citing scripture? Keep it in proper context

In response to J. Dealy, I wasn’t criticizing Mr. Rooker. I just corrected his error in the use of scripture. It’s a very serious offense to change the meaning of God’s word or misuse it. God doesn’t take it lightly.

Mr. Rooker’s views are not the issue here, it’s his misuse of scripture that’s the issue, and if he’s going to use scripture to make his point, then keep it in its proper context, and stop bending it to conform to whatever he wants it to say instead of what it really says, like a lot of self-appointed pastors are doing today.

No, God didn’t create us to be robots, but human, with the ability to think and reason, with a mind and conscience, and we’ll all give account to God one day for how we used these wonderful gifts he’s given us, and the freedom that we have to speak out against the wrong that’s being done in his name.

If you want to get upset at someone, why don’t you get worked up over pastors who refuse to preach the true gospel message? Volunteer, you say? The homeless and the seniors need to hear the gospel, that’s the only thing that can truly change things for them, as well as yourself, so if your conscience is bothering you about what I’m writing, sir, maybe God is using it to try to get your attention to repent of your sins before it’s too late.

Rosalee Barnwell Hinton

Carson City

Outrageous complaint over illegal immigrant’s arrest

Talk about outrage. I am also outraged that admitted illegal immigrant Manuel Pina has been living in this country for 20 years illegally and thanks us by putting our family members at risk by allegedly driving drunk, without a driver’s license, and without insurance on our highways.

I am also outraged that Mr. Pina’s sister-in-law, Laura Pina, has the gall to complain that Mr. Pina was arrested and held for his immigration violation.

I applaud the Carson City Sheriff’s Office for taking action on this illegal immigrant. Keep up the good work. For those of you who are in this country illegally, please leave.

Jeff Hagedorn