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Letters to the editor Nov. 27

Hunting wrong way to address bear problem

I think the Nevada Wildlife Commission has more sense to know that killing 20 black bears a season isn’t going to stop bear-human contact at all. Nevada definitely has enough habitat for our bear and mountain lion populations. Who cares if other states have a bear hunt? We had gambling at one time when they didn’t.

Instead of killing beautiful bears and mountain lions that are just trying to survive, maybe the Nevada Wildlife Commission should grant Nevada’s hunters an open season on gangbangers. Just think, they could strap them to the hood of their trucks and parade them through town to get the community’s message across.

Robert J. Satter, Jr.

Carson City

Officer unjustly accused in abuse lawsuit

I am writing this letter in regards to F. T. Norton’s report of Nov. 25 concerning a lawsuit that has been filed in federal court accusing alternative sentencing officer Aaron Lewis of sexual misconduct against a Melissa Mulder who had been arrested for illegal drug use.

I know Aaron Lewis and I am absolutely positive that he is not capable of this type of conduct. I know Aaron to be a loving husband, a devoted father and above all a deeply devout Christian.

I am convinced that these vile allegations are an attempt by a very sick individual to discredit a fine, upstanding member of our community for her own personal vindictive purposes. I can only hope that Aaron’s reputation has not been ruined by these filthy lies.

Alan Rogers

Carson City

Lyon sheriff sends thanks to community

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals who assisted me with this year’s re-election campaign. Many people pitched in to help hang signs, put together advertising, host meet-and-greet functions and encourage Lyon County residents to vote.

Many others made monetary contributions which were definitely invaluable. Special thanks go to Dr. Robin Titus, my family, Stephanie Ragan for the web site, Bob Reed, Rich and Catherine Martinez, Peggy Gray, Anita and Orlis Trone, the Lyon County Republican and Democrat central committees and many others too numerous to mention. The support that I received was overwhelming.

Special thanks go out to all of the LCSO employees and Lyon County voters who supported me in my re-election and who recognize all of the positive accomplishments that the LCSO has made over the past four years. Even though we face declining revenues and hard hits to our budgets, I am confident that we, working together, can provide the safety and security that we have come to expect in Lyon County and the maintenance of our quality of life.

Again, thank all of you, and I look forward to working with you for the next four years.

Allen Veil

Lyon County Sheriff