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Letters to the editor Nov. 3

Principals do matter in selecting a candidate

Can this be the Eugene T. Paslov the liberal? I could hardly believe what I was reading when I read the editorial page on Oct. 30. Dr. Paslov, who is noted for being one of the most liberal commentators, actually sounded very conservative in his comments.

Selecting good people to public office is very important but it does matter what principles they represent, and that is why political parties are important. He commented that “We the People” is the government, but since when does the liberal party represent the people who voted them into office, when the people overwhelmingly informed them that they did not want Obamacare, but voted it in nevertheless, without even reading it?

We do need candidates who are themselves rational, intelligent and thoughtful about governing people, but in my mind, that does not describe a liberal-minded person. A liberal person, in my viewpoint, allows his feelings to overrule his thoughts, and by doing so, it throws all intelligence and rational thought out the window.

Obama calls the Republicans a party of no because it would not bow to the unthoughtful, irrational proposals of his party in passing his outrageous laws, which will be a burden to those we leave behind when we pass on.

Neil Powers

Carson City

How much more does Merchant Marine want?

This 94-year-old, a WWII veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor, thinks William Lepore is off base.

The government gave Merchant Marine people veteran’s status some time ago, and all the benefits issued. Does he want more? For what?

As a member of the armed services, we would have loved to have received the same pay as the Merchant Marines did.

Roland B. Peachee

Carson City

Please, newspaper thief, stop swiping my Appeal

To the person likely reading this on my dime, please stop stealing my newspaper. I enjoy the morning Appeal and am sure that not only do I not appreciate having to call for a replacement, but it is an inconvenience to the staff who have to make a special trip, including my delivery driver (who) probably is scolded.

Do the right thing and get your own subscription.

Jeni Wolford

Carson City

Recall who was steering when we ran aground

The ex-President Bush bashers should consider that the Democrats took over the Senate and House majorities on Jan. 3, 2007.

At that time, unemployment was 4.6 percent, Dow at 12,621.77 and Gross Domestic Product at 3.5 percent. Also at that time, Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee and Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee.

In just 15 months, there was the catastrophic meltdown in banking and financial services. The building boom and housing market collapsed, causing the recession from which we are still trying to recover.

Milton Croall


America leaves God no choice but to judge us

To Michael Rooker, Jesus did not say we shouldn’t judge. Read Matthew 7:1-5, not just verse one, and you will see that Jesus is talking about people’s hypocritical judgment, not that we shouldn’t judge. Also read Luke 6:37-40. You need to get yourself a King James Version Bible and read it.

As for marriage, God ordained it to be only between one man and one woman for life, period. The reason this nation became so great is because people believed in God and his word and obeyed them, and founded it on both, and it’s only by God’s divine grace and mercy that we are still free today. But for how much longer? Only God knows.

If America does not wake up soon and repent, especially the professing Christian Church, and break off its love affair with the world and come out from among those who live in error, then God will have no choice but to judge us.

God hasn’t changed his mind on what marriage is and what sin is, and we shouldn’t either. Just because those in D.C. change our laws, God’s laws are still above man’s. This nation has changed its god for the god of this world – the devil – and they’re doing his bidding. What was once right is now wrong in man’s eyes, and what was once wrong is now right.

Who changed? Not God.

Rosalee Barnwell Hinton