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Letters to the editor Nov. 4

Clock tower music lifts Carson resident’s mood

For years I have been enjoying the music coming from the clock tower in the old post office (Laxalt) building on Carson Street. I hear it when I am in my garden working in the evenings, and I hear it from my office window during the day.

Just wanted to say thank you to the people who keep it going and pick such fun music. Nothing perks me up more than hearing “One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater” on a Monday afternoon. Just wanted you to know that it is heard and appreciated.

Colleen James

Carson City

Boys are always welcome at club sewing class

I am writing in answer to the question as to why boys are not in sewing class at Boys and Girls Club.

As a matter of fact, Melinda Fowler and I started sewing at the Boys & Girls Club in 1998 and I taught there for 10 years. Boys were as much a part of sewing as were girls, and I am sure that Maria welcomes boys also.

It was such a pleasure seeing how happy girls as well as boys were to make their first pillow, and I enjoyed each and every one.

Jean Hesse

Carson City

Creative parking solution needed for Carson Street

I’m fortunate to have lived in Carson City for 55 years, and speak of nostalgia of those days when cars parked diagonally on a narrow, two-lane Carson Street, and where shoppers greeted each other as neighbors. But let’s be realistic. At that time, Carson City’s population was only about 5,000 people. The present population is around 56,000 with corresponding, and necessary, heavy traffic on Carson Street.

We must face facts as we all seek solutions to downtown merchants’ needs and desires. Perhaps an answer lies in more innovative, creative parking solutions to the east and west of Carson Street. Numerous large, artistic, welcoming signs placed strategically along Carson Street would direct traffic to this easy parking. And comfortable benches could be located on all sidewalks in the area to encourage walking and relaxing.

The downtown merchants should recall the nightmare we have all endured these past long months in the necessary redesign of Roop Street. Could they – and all of us – survive the lengthy construction process proposed for Carson Street?

I will add one further comment. My family frequents our community’s excellent public library regularly. It’s a fine library just as it is: central location, top technology, adequate size, new parking lot. Enough said – no change needed there.

I would hope and desire that our city planners and representatives consider a non-binding ballot question on this downtown project to ascertain the wishes of the taxpayers.

Bonnie J. Bullis

Carson City

High-level nuclear waste headed for Test Site

According to the article in the Nevada Appeal dated Oct. 17, 9,400 drums of depleted uranium oxide could be headed to Nevada. The records show it is classified as Greater-Than-Class-C (GTCC) radioactive waste. No matter how the Department of Energy describes this material, to an ordinary person like myself, I refer to it as High Level Nuclear Waste.

There appear to be many legal documents in the system governing the acceptance of all types of hazardous material to the Nevada Test Site.

There are enough laws currently in effect in Nevada to guarantee that no matter what title the DOE might use to describe a shipment headed for the Test Site, I feel the long list of current laws would consider all shipments legally accepted at its destination.

Shirley Swafford

Carson City