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Letters to the editor Nov. 5

Speak out on Douglas County water rate issue

East Valley users are being attacked – again. Douglas County Board of Commissioners have asked staff to prepare an ordinance for consideration Dec. 2 consolidating the East Valley and Sunrise Estates/Fairgrounds water enterprise funds.

The notice published in the newspapers and mailed to the users is defective and misleading by omitting important facts.

Left out is that the consolidation involves constructing a pipeline between the two systems, and in 2012, the water rates will start to climb by some 22 percent and more in the years to come to pay for it. When was the last time you saw any rates decline after bonds were paid off?

That means the East Valley users will be stuck with the bill without receiving a single benefit – a solution the commission rejected in June.

I have no objection to the consolidation or pipeline, providing East Valley users are not required to pay higher rates for same.

Last October the county increased its revenues by a $1 million a year for cost reallocation. Why not use that money for the pipeline? The entire county is responsible for electing the commissioners who hired and then ratified a county manager’s mismanagement of the funds, and therefore, the entire county is responsible to pay for the necessary fix – not just a few East Valley users.

Let the commissioners know how you feel. Call or write them ASAP.

Stuart L. Posselt