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Letters to the editor Nov. 6

Stop chastising people with religious diatribes

This is in response to a letter to the editor from Rosalee Hinton, Nov. 3. She criticized Michael Rooker for having different views than her about God.

Several times in the last few years, Rosalee has continued to write religious diatribes about how the whole world is so sinful and so wrong for disobeying God.

Yes, it is true that America has been in dire straits for decades and that it is sometimes impossible to correct its course. However, Rosalee should be reminded that God created human beings, not robots. Otherwise, our world might be a very boring place, would it not?

Rosalee could make better use of herself by helping the homeless or volunteering at a local senior citizens’ center. In the meantime, she needs to stop publicly chastising other letter writers in the Appeal and let all people live their lives in peace. Nobody wants to hear about her extremist views anymore.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City

A plan to get mortgage crisis under control

As I have said before, repeal Obamacare, extend the Bush tax cuts for another six to eight years and lower all existing 30-year mortgage loans down to 4 percent. Then pass laws that allow anyone with fair credit to move into foreclosed homes without a down payment as long as they agree to make payments on the home based upon its existing market value at 4 percent amortized over 30 years for a period of five years. At which time the loan would become permanent as long as no mortgage payment was no more then 15 days delinquent. The buyer would have to prove they could afford to make the payment plus insurance, taxes and 1/60th of the necessary closing costs that would be needed upon completion of the 60-month loan agreement.

These solutions are simple and would address several major economic issues without raising one tax. Three of the four have already been submitted by Republicans but were defeated by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s Democratic party.

Today’s Democratic party is not comprised of John Kennedy-era Democrats, but to the contrary, it is comprised primarily of socialist-minded Democrats. When you have socialist-minded Democrats in charge of a capitalist system, all you can do is go backwards, as we have been doing and are doing.

James R. Parker

Carson City