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Letters to the editor Oct. 11

Old water pipe should be protected for our children

Marlette Lake has been a story that never ends.

About 20 years ago, I purchased a huge pipe that was used to transfer water from Marlette Lake to Virginia City and parts of Carson City. I always wondered what the guy at the garage sale was doing with this item. I would think it would make a wonderful display for the Office of the Water System.

It is made of iron and is rivited together as they made them in years gone by.

I would be willing to let it go if anyone is interested. I imagine there are other rust collectors out there that could use this thing as a display.

I would think it should be protected in some way to show our children how things were done in the old days.

Dick Baublitz

Carson City

Illegals are ruining their children’s future

I had another conversation with my friend Jose, who is second-generation Mexican-American.

Jose is the son of a Mexican national. He shares insight into both sides of the immigration coin.

During our conversation, we agreed that many illegals are using their American-born children’s Social Security numbers to falsely obtain social services along with material goods and employment.

Unknowingly, the parents are ruining their children’s chances to fulfill the American Dream once they become adults. Once their children apply for credit or even go through a background check for employment, this information will show up, and they will have a difficult time explaining it.

Understandably the parents are attempting to give their children a better life than they had in their country of origin, but they need to know the repercussions of their actions and understand the negative effect on their children in the future as adults.

We also arrived at another conclusion: Our government is allowing the Illegals to settle in our country for the cheap labor to be competitive with other countries’ substandard production costs. They also allow their American-born children to become future taxpayers.

Much of our current population soon will be of retirement age. Our country needs a group of taxpayers to be replenishing the Social Security funds. Currently, one of four children being born are of Hispanic heritage, and this will allow the Medicare system to have a fresh influx of income.

Donald Jackson

Carson City