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Letters to the editor Oct. 19

Residents in Northridge area: You may have

been burglarized

For my fellow neighbors who live off of Northridge Lane, you may have been burglarized and do not even know it yet. All they are stealing is your jewelry. Please check your jewelry and report any missing items.

They have some of the suspects in jail, but help build the case to keep them there. It takes everyone who has been burglarized to keep these drug addicts and criminals off the streets and to make our neighborhood a safer place.

Laura Boldry

Carson City

Pelosi off-base on comment about

current protests

Rep. Nancy Pelosi determines that the current marching crowds on U.S. cities are the Democrats’ answer to the Tea Party.

I totally disagree. It should be a comparison to Woodstock. I need not describe it any further.

Vinnie Madrid


Why did we stop fighting high gas prices?

I’m just wondering why we still pay more at the pumps now than a year or even two years ago.

Price for a barrel of oil in October 2009 was $71.77, with gas at $2.47 a gallon. Price for a barrel of oil in October 2010 was $82.66, with gas at $2.80 a gallon. In October 2011, price of a barrel of oil was $82.98, with gas at an average of $3.50 a gallon.

Maybe we just have too many other things going on, but this just doesn’t seem justified. Hopefully someone can explain why the gas stations all jump their prices at the slightest rise in oil or crisis, but go turtle pace for lowering when the price goes down.

Glenn Logue


Increase funding to

fight pancreatic cancer

Now is the time to fight back against pancreatic cancer with increased funding and research. The recent Nobel prize winner Ralph Steinman and Steve Jobs lost their battles against pancreatic cancer. They were among the more than 38,000 who lose this battle annually. How many more deaths must there be?

More than 44,000 Americans will be diagnosed, and more than 38,000 will die of pancreatic cancer before the year is finished – most die within a few months of diagnosis.

After five years, only six patients in 100 are alive. With no means of early detection, most people are diagnosed when it’s already too late for treatment. There has been little funding and little research.

Write and call our elected officials and demand that Sens. Harry Reid and Dean Heller, and Reps. Mark Amodei, Shelly Berkley and Joe Heck co-sponsor, support and pass the Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education Act (S.362; H.R. 733) now.

I am a three-year pancreatic cancer survivor who knows the horror of this disease first-hand. In honor of Michael Landon, Luciano Pavarotti, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Steinman, Steve Jobs and the millions of others who have heard the words, “I’m sorry, you have pancreatic cancer,” for the sake of all of our children, let’s end it now.

Please join me in fighting pancreatic cancer and loudly shouting the message to every senator and congressperson to get on board and pass the act now.

Stuart A. Jed

Incline Village