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Letters to the editor Oct. 21

Elimination of estray manager has hurt

wild horses

I want to voice my disagreement with a statement by Ed Foster of the Nevada Department of Agriculture, who was quoted in a story in the Oct. 16 edition of the Nevada Appeal.

Foster said the wild horses in question are domestic horses abandoned by private owners. Ask the residents of Highway 50 who have lived in the area in question for decades. They know the terrain, the history of the horses and the truth. These horses should not be allowed to go to auction, where they can be bought by kill buyers.

What is the difference between the state of Nevada’s horses and the protected Bureau of Land Management horses? The Nevada Department of Agriculture needs to work with the local nonprofit groups to solve this problem amicably.

The reason for the horses on the highways is that the state of Nevada eliminated the position of the estray manager several years ago and that local residents feed these horses, keeping them in the neighborhoods instead of the hills where the majority reside.

Don’t kill Nevada’s heritage.

M.A. McBride

Carson City

IHOP shouldn’t open

in same location

The idea of the IHOP where the killings took place to be reopened is appalling. Only thrill-seekers and tourists will eat there.

I have lived in Carson City for 34 years, and just moved, but I still work in Carson City, and I will never eat at that IHOP. My God, I would always wonder if I was sitting or standing where someone died, no matter how the inside was changed.

And what about respect for the dead and their families? To me, personally, it is as disrespectful and uncaring as it gets.

Margaret Reilley


For IHOP, life must go on

It really disgusts me to read about all these people who want to turn the IHOP property into a shrine and want to tear the building down to do so. I wonder if they would feel the same way if their business was located in that spot, if they were making monthly payments on the property, if they were paying taxes on the property and if their hard-earned place of business was suddenly in that situation.

I’ll bet they’d be whistling a different tune if that were the case. Let’s try throwing them out of their homes and turning them into shrines. Yeah, right. Different story when it affects something they slaved and worked for.

It’s amazing how so many people can try to decide how to spend someone else’s money. It’s no wonder the gang of thieves in Washington got into office. There are far too many people – voters – around who agree with this way of thinking. So sad.

As an afterthought, I just heard this morning that IHOP plans on repairing the building and opening for business again before the first of the year. Good for them – life goes on. I know a lot of people will not patronize them, but I, for one, will do so.

Tom Cashen


Incident will forever scar IHOP at current location

Residents of the area will not support the reopening of IHOP in the present location. Corporate IHOP has to realize that this was the scene of murder on a scale beyond belief. This was a major incident that will forever scar the IHOP location.

Relocation would allow IHOP to continue to serve the community. There is no way in the world that my family will set foot in IHOP at that site. I am sure that others share the same feelings.

Tom Huffman

Carson Cityf