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Letters to the editor Oct. 23

Congress has no interest in helping Americans

From your Oct. 5 article, “Bernanke warns recovery is close to faltering,” he spoke about protesters who are rallying against corporate greed and are frustrated over the economy.

I would go a step further; retirees will be forced to take a mandatory taxed withdrawal from their retirement savings in 2011. Our interest rates are extremely low, and these low rates correspond with high levels of money supply that have been pumped into the market.

At the same time, we retirees are being told by a Republican presidential candidate that our Social Security system is a Ponzi scheme, even when it was a mandatory withdrawal from our paychecks.

In the same article, David Wyss, former chief for Standard & Poor’s, states, “We have already taken interest rates down to zero, and this current Congress doesn’t seem to be able to do anything.”

I agree this currently elected Congress has no interest in doing anything for the people. They seem only to have time to get re-elected.

Linda Adams


Obama should hold everyone to same standards

If Obama demands to hold the highest level of Iran officials responsible for the Saudi Ambassador assassination attempt, why does he not demand to hold the highest level of the U.S. officials responsible for Fast and Furious?

Stuart Posselt


Congress should follow president’s lead on economy

I was born in 1928 at the start of the depression. We lived in a small town in Kansas where there was little employment for my dad, so we felt thankful when the government passed the Work Progress Administration which hired the unemployed to improve our country. They made a park in our little town, and paid my dad to work on it. This public works bill helped get us through the Great Depression.

Now our president is trying to do the same thing, but our elected officials do not realize why we elected them. We elected them to be statesmen and stateswomen to guide our government like our forefathers did.

Stop trying to pad your pockets at our expense and get to work. Earn your wages. You don’t know what to do? Well, here’s a start.

1. Quit bickering, and help the president we voted to be your leader.

2. Pass the jobs bill and put our country back to work. You can pay for this with the money we now pay on unemployment insurance. Also, the wars will be stopping, and money will be saved there.

3. Pass an amendment to our Constitution to make paying taxes equal on all incomes.

4. Get to work fixing our dams, bridges, highways, schools, water, sewer and gas lines.

5. Instead of cutting Social Security and Medicare which we’ve worked for, how about cutting your salaries, which you are not earning. Remember, we hired you and we can fire you.

Nola Schroer

Carson City

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