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Letters to the editor Oct. 26

Don’t change state animal

This is in regards to the poll being taken for changing the Nevada state animal from a desert bighorn to a wild horse. This should be just left alone. Whatever happened to tradition and being proud of what those who have come before us have left us?

We have a very special state where our climate and terrain allow us Nevadans to have the most wild sheep other than Alaska in the U.S. Wild sheep are rare, especially compared to a wild horse. You don’t see bighorns being gathered up every couple of years because they are overpopulated or destroying habitat.

The horse people already got the state quarter and a license plate. Leave the desert bighorn alone.

Matt Fogarty


IHOP location wasn’t right place for memorial

As I read letters to the editor about a desire to turn the IHOP restaurant location into a memorial, I have another point of view to offer.

Carson City already has a memorial for soldiers. It is located between the Capitol and the legislative building. The people who want another memorial for soldiers fail to address who will pay for this memorial – buy the land, tear down the restaurant and build a memorial.

Do they expect the business people who own the site to pay the cost? This reminds me of how many people look at government today – someone in government will do it, and it won’t cost me anything because I am a part of the 50 percent who do not pay any federal income tax.

Another point is that a memorial to the victims also becomes a memorial to Eduardo Sencion, since it also will be identified as the site where he killed four people and himself.

My opinion is that we have appropriate places for memorials, and those are cemeteries. Anyone who wants to pay respect and be close to the deceased person can go to the cemetery and offer their condolences, prayers and thoughts.

Doyle Hanks

Carson City

Cain’s ideas are

worth a look

Politicians, how are they working for you? Drive around your town. Tell me how many vacant buildings and strip malls there are.

In January 2008, Nevada’s unemployment was 5 percent. In August 2011, it was 13.4 percent. That doesn’t count those of us who work part-time or do whatever we need to do for survival.

In Nevada, we have 9,622 foreclosures as of September. I have listened to every debate. So far, the only one who has given us a plan is Herman Cain. The famed economist Arthur Laffer told humanevents.com that the proposal was pro-growth and would create the proper conditions for America’s economy to expand and thrive again. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would be a vast improvement over the current tax system, and a boom to the U.S. economy.

Laffer also said such a system provides the least avenues to avoid paying taxes, yet maintains the strongest incentives for work effort, production and investment. Many of his detractors say his plan is too simple. Keep it simple, stupid. That equals the same equal percentage.

Taxpayers would save 30 cents on every $1earned; no limit on supplemental income for Medicare recipients; no sales tax on used goods; businesses that purchase their parts in this country don’t pay tax on them.

Currently 15.3 percent comes out of your paycheck. It would drop to 9 percent. Did you know 47 percent pay no taxes? Please check him out, his ideas will work.

Carla Martino