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Letters to the editor Oct. 29

Nice to have governor who

values education

We were pleased that Gov. Sandoval attended the dedication of Sierra Lutheran High School on Oct. 16. The governor took time on a Sunday afternoon to attend the dedication.

He spoke about how important education is to him, and he stayed afterward to talk to everyone who wanted to chat with him. He told us that he has visited 150 Nevada schools already, and he intends to visit all of them.

Our children are Nevada’s future, and we are pleased to have a governor who goes out to meet these children.

Day and Robin Williams

Carson City

Caucus system

is flawed

A caucus allows only a finite number of voters to choose a presidential candidate for the general election. In a real primary, there are voting booths allowing privacy and absentee ballots for those unable to attend. A caucus consists of a small percentage of activists and persuasive speakers to determine who the presidential candidate will be for the general election.

The most egregious fault of the caucus is that it does not allow the men and women overseas in the military to have any voice. They are fighting for their lives and our country. Yet they aren’t included in choosing a primary candidate who might be their next commander-in-chief.

Also, what’s the big hurry to be the first, second, third or whatever state to hold a caucus? Having a longer period to vet a candidate allows us to become better-informed voters.

A vociferous minority of Nevada voters will now choose a party’s presidential primary candidate, while the large majority of registered voters will be disenfranchised by this debacle.

Nannette Moffett

Carson City

Could ‘Occupy’ movement help

the economy?

On Oct. 19, the Appeal printed a letter from Vinnie Madrid of Minden. The letter read, “Rep. Nancy Pelosi determines that the current marching crowds on U.S. cities are the Democrats’ answer to the Tea Party. I totally disagree. It should be a comparison to Woodstock. I need not describe it any further.”

I thought I might describe it further for those readers who might not be familiar with Woodstock and its legacy. Woodstock was a music festival that introduced many new artists to the world, including Santana and Johnny Winter. The festival was put on at comparatively little cost, but the artists and record companies are still making millions of dollars on new releases from that event, which took place more than 40 years ago. This is a good example of capitalism at its finest.

I’m not quite sure how the current protests compare to Woodstock, but perhaps more events like that would stimulate the economy enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate.

Thank you, Vinnie Madrid, for reminding us of this important part of our cultural legacy and its contribution to our nation’s economic success.

Jeff Wells