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Letters to the editor Sept. 1

Disabled kitty made a loving, wonderful pet

I enjoyed the article on Bobby the boxer; it’s nice to know there are kind people out there, and sad that others are not; hard to believe some people will just abandon handicapped animals.

Until recently, we had a silver Bengal with the same disability as Bobby. We adopted her when her previous person was going to return her to the breeder and we knew what assuredly would happen to her then. We brought Misty into our home a little over two years ago when she was 10 months old and weighing only 5 pounds.

My only hesitation bringing her into our home was her safety with an 18-pound regular Bengal, Kobe, who besides being a big cat, liked to play rough at times. But his initial greeting from Misty was a huge hiss, thus Kobe decided to take getting acquainted very carefully.

Misty, even with her handicap, had no trouble jumping four feet in the air after toys. Although not successful at jumping onto some things – like windowsills – she attempted everything and succeeded at way more than we ever expected her to. She was a very loving and sweet kitty.

Sadly, we had to put her to sleep after a week-long battle of seizures which couldn’t be brought under control. That was a sad day for us all, and even had much of the vet clinic staff in tears.

Misty May will always remain in memory one of our special pets that owned us.

Judy DeRyke


Stand up against spread of false rumors

I read a recent article in the Nevada Appeal that a local minister had written. He pointed out the incredible amount of rumor-spreading and gossip this city seems to be gripped by. It seems a lot of rumors are started by who knows who or why, and citizens of this community sometimes get their character slandered by false or misleading rumors.

The minister stressed that this kind of behavior must come to an end. The persons involved in this behavior are childish at best and are either doing this for amusement or for the manipulation of the thoughts of the good citizens of this community. This could be for any number of reasons including their own personal gain.

I am asking all of you folks around town that are spreading rumors to confront the person that the rumor is about and ask them if it is true. Give them a chance to tell their side of the story before you condemn them to rumor hell. If you are one of these persons spreading unfounded rumors, be advised that spreading false rumors about persons can be construed as slander which, if brought before a civil court could result in a costly mistake for you.

I respectfully request that the publisher of the Nevada Appeal give some thought to a weekly column where people can rebut false rumors being spread by community members.

Robert Schmitt

Carson City

Intent for 14th Amendment misinterpreted

The 14th Amendment does not require birthright citizenship, as bungled by the national news media, including FOX. If the clause, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States” ended with a period instead of a comma, the news media would be correct. However, there is a comma, followed by “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

In fact, during the floor debate in the Senate on this clause, Sen. Reverdy Johnson of Maryland defined the clause as: “all persons born in the United States and not subject to some foreign power … shall be considered as citizens of the United States.” Sen. Jacob Howard, who authored the provision, maintained that the clause “will not, of course, include foreigners.”

These two co-sponsors of this clause of the 14th Amendment have clearly provided in the historical record their intent to prevent any abuse of this privilege, and maintain the dignity of a body politic based on Rule of Law.

This country created a whole doctrine of separation of church and state based on the phrase appearing only once in a personal letter written by Thomas Jefferson, only one of numerous authors of our Constitution. Here we have documentation of actual intent during senatorial debate that leaves no doubt that the current abuse of this privilege was never intended.

I do not know one citizen who wants to repeal the 14th Amendment – in fact, only people who want Rule of Law for all to return to this country.

Morris Agnew

Carson City