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Letters to the editor Sept. 10

Brothel owner’s money

is needed, welcome

In response to the letter to the editor in the Sept. 4 Nevada Appeal, which claims that it is pathetic for the Nevada Department of Transportation to accept money from the BunnyRanch and allow them to put a sign on Highway 50.

I completely disagree with this. I find it morally acceptable to do service for your community. Last time that I checked, the road was immaculate. It is common knowledge that Mr. Hof has offered to purchase playground equipment and uniforms for local public schools, but has been rejected for his dirty money.

Prostitution is no more legal or illegal than a pediatrician’s practice in Nevada. Who are we to judge who can serve their community and can’t? I hope more businesses follow Mr. Hof’s example and serve their communities.

Jake Bayless

Carson City

Ignorance will triumph if Sharron Angle is elected

Nevada is fortunate to have representation in the U.S. Senate by a man whose remarkable influence is so greatly out of proportion to the size of our small state. Harry Reid is the most powerful man in Congress, and has brought substantial benefits to our state.

The Republication National Committee resents his power, so they are spending millions of dollars to unseat and replace him with a nincompoop who will bring nothing to Nevada but laughs and derision.

The RNC doesn’t care a whit about the well being of Nevadans, they simply want to bring Harry Reid down.

It would be a shame if they were successful. Replacing Harry Reid, the lion of the U.S. Senate, with Sharron Angle, the laughingstock of the Nevada State Assembly, would represent a triumph of ignorance in Nevada.

Phil Stotts

Carson City

Supervisors: Get the facts before Nugget vote

What I have come to understand about leadership: It is equally difficult to be a leader as it is to trust a leader.

I have high respect for our Board of Supervisors. Regarding the downtown City Center Project, their duty before voting is to perform a complete analysis of the proposal, share those results and then listen to the wishes of their constituents. The people want leaders who serve them.

Carsonites, do not assume this project is a cakewalk; it isn’t. Far from it. Some refer to this project like it’s a movie; “Dawning of the New Carson.” True or false: This project will encourage migration of the masses that will live and work here and then all of our problems will vanish?

The pedestrian walkway, the bike lane, ample parking for merchants – this sounds great, really it does. I applaud the Nugget for everything they have contributed to Carson. I think the Nugget is capable of showing all the pieces of the puzzle, I just hope someone is capable of pointing out there are pieces missing, should any be.

This election, two new supervisors will be appointed. They need to have a vision that will help sustain all of our local businesses equally.

We need elected officials who will spend less, borrow less and tax us less. Who we elect is vitally important. This is the first known fact about the downtown project; when will we hear all the other facts?

Jim Shirk

Carson City