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Letters to the editor Sept. 15

Harry’s the problem, not the solution for Nevada

It seems Harry Reid has an uncanny knack for sticking his foot in his mouth at the right time. Reid slammed Hispanic Republicans, telling a mostly Hispanic audience in Nevada: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” This is the same Harry who said he could smell the tourists in the Capitol and also said the war in Iran was lost. He called Bush a liar, and he and his campaign staff are running TV spots about the Republican candidate that are totally untrue. They don’t play the entire sound bite that his opponent really said.

I wrote a letter and called Harry a liberal. Someone responded and said he was a moderate. After losing a Senate bid in 1974, Reid concluded “Nevada isn’t as liberal as we thought.” He is, in my opinion, a socialist, far-left-wing liberal who supports the Obama socialist agenda and supports “Obamanomics” which is driving this country into the ground.

I saw a news item about “green jobs.” It said that it will take about 60 people to construct this facility and 10 people to run it. Let’s see, if we have 90,000 unemployed in Nevada and we took 70 people from that amount, we would have to build 1,286 clean green facilities to employ those people. When finished, the unemployed would be 77,160. Harry, the jobs you bring do not cure the problem. Dump Reid in November.

Bill Pyatt


Street closures detrimental to development residents

To Carson City Planning Division regarding street closure at Governors Square Townhouses, I have again been informed by the management of the homeowners association that they plan to close the street, Tesoro Way, within our development.

I firmly believe the street closure is a bad idea. I refer you to the original approved design review documents which no doubt contain a site plan, showing the street layout, and I just betcha it does not show three dead-end streets within the 48-unit project. That is the problem.

I also suggest your Carson City attorney review the documents and provide advice as to the veracity and longevity of it. The townhouse construction was completed during the fall of 2007. The streets have been in existence as approved for more than three years. That was, and is, a legal contract between the parties involved, and the community. No doubt there were public hearings held prior to construction. No doubt the documentation remains in effect, as the project has yet to be completed on the commercial lots. You will enforce all street requirements pertaining to the development there. By the way, these commercial lots will also suffer a detrimental effect if the street is closed.

If this proposal is further pursued, I request that the public hearings be re-opened. The basis for the re-opening is that the proposed street closure is a significant, disruptive, and illegal change to the original, approved concept of the project.

James Alexander

Carson City

Angle will hold on to her values in Senate

The liberal left has intensified its inevitable attacks on those of us who subscribe to a conservative ideology. In demeaning conservative values, the liberal loons ignore the facts and do everything in their power to avoid and manipulate the truth.

Case in point is Phil Stotts’s Sept. 10 letter in the Nevada Appeal attacking Sharron Angle and touting Harry Reid’s so-called virtues and accomplishments. Mr. Stotts claims that we would be ignorant to support and elect Angle. If this were true, why is Nevada at the bottom of the list of states in per-capita receipts of federal funds? Where is the benefit to Nevada residents who will be burdened by the federal health care bill that Harry Reid forced upon us through bribes and unscrupulous backroom deals?

Mr. Stotts labels Angle a nincompoop. The real ignorance here would be to act on Mr. Stotts’s rant without researching the facts.

I have met Sharron Angle, listened to her position on key issues, and read her position statements. I am also acutely aware of Reid’s record as the Senate’s majority leader. If you want a power-seeking liberal who will sell his soul to push President Obama’s socialist agenda, vote for Reid. If you want a senator who subscribes to conservative values and will not sell out to political pressure, vote for Angle.

Gary Thompson