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Letters to the editor Sept. 17

Don’t be misled by spin about tea party

Isn’t it interesting when you read or hear individuals make the statement that the tea party movement was started by health insurance interests or that the tea party movement is against the general welfare of our great country’s people or that the tea party movement is promoting domestic disharmony and that it promotes violence to advance its goals, or that the tea party movement has done more to destroy domestic tranquility than any foreign foes.

It’s total baloney. If any of you patriotic Americans actually believe these statements, then the original tea party members in Boston had it totally wrong. In simple terms, I believe that the tea party movement today is all about bringing America back to normal, and those who believe in this movement want to stop the government from taking America into an ultimate meltdown.

The cries about the tea party being a movement by racists and all of the other stuff being thrown out there by the liberal press, etc., is pure smoke and mirrors, and this ploy is all about totally confusing the real issues.

Don’t let the smoke and mirrors make you misconstrue what the real goal of the tea party movement is about. Get involved and learn the truth.

Donald McDermott

Carson City

Two-lane Carson Street will cause traffic clogs

I was born in 1941 and lived in Carson City all my life. When I was a child, Carson Street had one lane going each way and diagonal parking. About 20 years later, the traffic was heavy and they removed the wide sidewalks and diagonal parking and put in four lanes with parallel parking. Then, sometime later, someone decided to beautify Carson Street by putting trees and foliage in the middle of the street and taking the parking off Carson Street.

Now, I ask, why mess with Carson Street again? Why should we spend $300,000 on a study in these hard times for no good reason? If the city fathers decide to make more changes, where is that money going to come from?

Carson City has a perfectly good library that is easy to access already. We do not need a library downtown.

Some think that Carson Street traffic has decreased. Have you tried to drive from Hot Springs Road down Carson Street to get to Raley’s or the car dealers?

Most of us do not live by the east side freeway. We still need to use Carson Street. It can take a half hour. I know people who live on the north side of Carson City who drive to Reno rather than get through the traffic. Who gets the taxes then?

Please leave well enough alone.

Janet Heller

Carson City