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Letters to the editor Sept. 18

Campaign misinformation should be illegal

I noted with interest the letter from Lynnea Malone. Apparently she does not know that Harry Reid is a master in manipulating the statements of others and avoiding the direct answer to a question directed to him.

It should be a crime for public officials and candidates for public office to purposely mislead statements of another. If you believe what he publishes or vote for “none of the above,” you will be allowing Harry Reid to buy your vote. I highly recommend you listen to Sharron Angle’s side of the issues. She obviously has limited resources to employ as many advertisements as Harry, but do you really want more of the same from Harry?

Hubert Harris

Carson City

Candidate John McKenna committed to public service

My father worked for the state of Nevada over a span of 30 years. He had wonderful jobs ranging from chairman of the Gaming Control Board under Gov. Charles Russell and special assistant to Paul Laxalt during the time Paul was both governor and U.S. senator.

Throughout his tenure on these jobs, he always thought of himself as a public servant and went to work every day with the knowledge that he served and worked for the people of this state. He performed with dedication and loyalty to all Nevadans and worked daily to ensure that their lives might be a little better because of his service. Because of my father’s service, I have great respect and admiration for public servants.

I have worked with John McKenna on a number of projects ranging from the construction of the Carson Sports Facility at Carson High School to building trails in the Sierra Nevada. Carson City has no better public servant. He is willing to fight for all causes, which benefit the people he represents and has great insight into how to make government work for the people. His terms on the school board were marked by tough but fair decisions and vigilant oversight of the public purse.

Please take some time in your busy schedules to get to know him, and his commitment to you, so we can have a supervisor who believes in and works for this city, and you, his constituents.

Pete Sinnott

Carson City

Key to economic recovery rests on private sector

Generally, the way a senator creates jobs is through the use of so-called earmarks, a practice which the current administration promised to end, and then turned a blind eye to the roughly 12,000 earmarks proposed early in this session of Congress.

The proper job of a senator is to help create an economic environment free from onerous taxes, burdensome regulations and paperwork, such as that which is mandated by ObamaCare, in which small and medium businesses can create jobs.

The small and medium businesses have always been the engine of economic growth in this nation. They create the jobs which make

99 weeks of unemployment benefits unnecessary.

We need real, permanent jobs, created by the private sector – not more government tinkering. And we certainly don’t need another $50 billion stimulus. What happened to the $800 billion in stimulus money which was rammed through Congress earlier this year? It doesn’t seem to have helped much.

And another $50 billion in deficits won’t do anything except put our grandchildren deeper in debt.

Elaine Cowan

Carson City

End the lifetime gravy train for politicians

Every time I go to the polls, I always have to vote for the lesser of two evils if I want my vote to count. But this time, it’s the very worst – Reid vs. Angle.

Now, here’s some food for thought. Each time we send a new representative to D.C., they go on the government payroll for life. When they leave office, they still get paid the same salary plus benefits. The average salary is $174,000 per year plus benefits for the remainder of their life, and when they die, their immediate family are still, for less of course, our taxpayer dollars’ responsibility, if I’m not mistaken.

Gov. Gibbons at the moment is collecting from when he served in D.C., in addition to his take-home pay as governor as well.

Could this be the reason why so many millions upon millions are spent to hold a job that only pays $174,000 per year – the millions being campaign contributions for future favors?

Why can’t we pass a law that when they leave D.C., they get off the government payroll? This would separate the altruistic from the money grabbers. Just food for thought.

Anneliese Puthe

Carson City