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Letters to the editor Sept. 19

Bring common sense into sentencing guidelines

The division between the Legislature and the judicial branches of government is ceasing to exist. The laws written by the Legislature are supposed to be interpreted to different situations by judges.

For example, is a mother who slaps her child’s mouth as a punishment for her child speaking reprehensibly to be given the same consequences as a husband who consistently beats his wife? Obviously not, but under the law it is treated the same – as domestic battery.

Judges and district attorneys are so bent on making our society complacent and law-fearing, that all common sense has gone out the window. More and more, people are being prosecuted to the full extent of the law, when a case should never have been made against them in the first place. Mothers are now getting their children taken away for punishing them the way children have been punished for hundreds, and even thousands of years; by a light smack in the face, a box on the ear, or a spanking. Obviously these methods are not meant to hurt the child, but to get their attention.

And for the punishment of the husband who beats his wife near to death? Often charges are dropped and nothing happens to the scum who committed an atrocious crime. The law should pay more attention to the true criminals of this country.

Chelsea Cluff

Carson City

The work of balancing budget belongs to all

Just make it fair. No one, not state employees, casinos, mining, corporations or the general populace should take the full brunt of balancing the state budget. We all need to pay our share for the services we all need and use.

Sure, there is fat on the bone that hopefully that can be trimmed without cutting off a leg. But, let’s not reinvent the wheel. There are states in this country that are operating within their budgets. Why, because they created a tax structure that everyone can live with. Can somebody get a clue and research what works and what doesn’t?

In 2005 we all got back $300 million in a rebate from the state. I got my $75 in the mail. I thought it was a stupid idea to spend a few million to refund $300 million. Just keep it for a rainy day. Well, the rainy day is here. Now the state needs the money back, plus interest and triple what they gave us. So what is the best way to get out of the budget dilemma and make it fair on everyone? I have a few ideas. How about a “voluntary tax” like a lottery?

Hopefully we have a few smart members of the Legislature that can actually lead the state out of this downward spiral.

Jim Rush

Carson City